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Dreaming of a Black Hole

by Chessie Hodge (Age: 27)
copyright 01-30-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

Tears came down. I curled into the corner. Drunk on shadows, I day-dreamed nightmares. Rain poured outside with the early morning hours. I couldn't move. I let the uncontrollable wave of pain consume me without struggle. It was unending and merciless. Thunder echoed softly outside... I think... Maybe... It didn't matter... I reached out, scrambling in the dark for something to make the pain disappear. I never found it... just the ring on a chain. I whispered incoherences to the damp air of the rainy night. How pathetic and miserable. I found myself retching suddenly into the trash bin... I shook... I crawled back into my covers, into the comfortless, light-less world I had created. I passed out............ Dreams of a funeral..... Rowan trees.... Black marble........ Gothic cathedral... Forest... Holy water..................... You...... holding ......... saying ......... Sudden wakefulness.... An alarm clock ran on a cellular phone. I slammed it, sinking back into bed. God... What had happened? I was dizzy and sick... I didn't know... I forced myself out of bed. Shower... Hot... Burning my flesh.... but somehow it felt good. The dim light hurt my eyes. I turned the knob and the water stopped. I picked up the towel and tried not to look at the marks. I dressed.... I cried.... "Get through the day....... Your angel has gone...."

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        01-20-2010     Richard Reed Jr        

I had to come back and read this again.
The pictures are so powerful As they are in all of your poems. You really have a way with words.
You have a gift. You must write more as someone recently told me.

A friend always.


        08-24-2008     Raja Sharma        

If it is going to be an opening paragraph of a long book, I can tell you it is going to be spellbinding, for the images and the stream of consciousness together have done a kind of magic.
It seems so realistic yet so forlorn and remote, and I am sure that readers will be able to identify themselves with the protagonist or the narrator.
Bless you

        07-04-2008     Raycel Mckelleb        

Very dramatic. I like stories that make me sympathize with the characters (like Akito from Fruits Basket. I mean, sure, Akito drives me crazy with his "I'm so special" attitude, but his past makes me want to cry with him.).

        06-25-2008     synclaire232        

Oh, that was so very awesome. I love it! XD
I felt like I was there myself, it was really vivid. Though around the ending...It didn't go as smooth as it should have. Anyway, it's just me so your write is still very good.

        06-02-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

What can I say that hasn't already been said much better than I. I agree with everyone.I really loved the clear images your pen painted here.
Perhaps a little detail would enhance the understanding of the poem.
Your fine poetic style clearly stands out here.

Good Work,


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