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What I Like About PnP

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 03-06-2007
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

What do I like about PnP? The list is huge!

Well, to start with I like how everything needs approval, and all chat room conversations are monitored and recored. I nearly lost PnP privileges, but due to those rules my parents learned PnP was a safe site and allowed me to stay a member.

Although commenting is down, I also love to be able to post my works and get feedback. Since I only started using word processors in 04, thanks to chat a friend of mine was able to teach me about "Copy & Paste!"

Also, I like how the contests are started, because it's fun to be able to compete with other authors and it promotes commenting and reading. As a Commenting Crusader, or a member of the Commenting Community nowadays, I find reading and commenting to be very important. I, as a minor, with dreams of being an author, always felt when I do my commenting it should be to help improve the authors of tomorrow. One day, after getting a steady job, I'd like to try getting a book published...with the help of my editor, Mehrina B of course!

The safe communications are great, because I know I've improved since joining PnP...I just try editing everything so you don't know exactly how bad I was. :p

PnP's Sailor Moon galleries also are great, though I rarely use them nowadays. I enjoy browsing the galleries when I'm in the mood to change my author-picture because it's very simple to now that the galleries are so well organized! Good work Gallery Supers!

Hmmm, what else can I think of off-hand? HTML abilities! A lot of sites don't support HTML, so I enjoy using it here on PnP.

Adopt an Adult is also great feature, because it helps Jr. members who can't afford their dues stay at PnP...thanks to that system some of PnP's greatest authors have stayed with us! The Readers system is also good, although many Readers have forgotten about PnP, for the members that temporarily can't afford their dues, but have every intention of coming back, won't lose everything when they get back.

What just might be my favorite thing about PnP is the...spell checker! That's probably what revolutionized my writing the most! I've also found English, Creative Writing, Literature, and when I still took it, Spelling classes easier since joining PnP.

There are many more things I love about PnP, but there's a few for now.

----Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders/Jr. Commenting Community

Visitor Reads: 1889
Total Reads: 1926

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        04-24-2007     Christina Johnson        

nice one leigh g,

good work on what i like about PnP this a one that you chose to do. I'm just a beginner from what I started but now i have started and I have only written three books and yes my grammar does need improving but I think that I have changed on it on my own thanks for many things that was awesome

        04-15-2007     Megan Cox        

I agree about the spell checker. I can't spell for StarClan(excuse my kitty-speak).

        03-06-2007     Mehrina Asif        

Spelling classes were easier since joining, huh? ;) All thanks to me, of course! You forgot to mention Grammar, but I suppose that goes side-by-side with spelling.

You know what? I don't know if I should enter the contest anymore because you've basically said everything before me! Eh, well, there are a couple other things, but then it'll be an extremely short piece, and I detest all of my short pieces, except Spirit. *confused grimace*

Alrighty, I'm going to get in extreme trouble in exactly 13.5 seconds. I haven't touched my homework yet, so I'd better get going, neh?

Your BFFE!
Of the CC

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