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Star Wars in A new generation of Jedi's part 2

by Christina Johnson (Age: 39)
copyright 03-19-2007

Age Rating: 18 +

When we last left Princess Heather and Darth Maul they was about to go after our two heroes? Josh Weiner and Kristin Meyn and what about Christina and Stephaine Montrie? They was going to get to help after they found that the knowing Darth Maul was here. But little did they know that a trap was was already planned for our heroes. And what ever happened to Kirk and Andy were they asleep or did they found out that there two roommates was already caught. Find out in part 2 of A new Generation of Jedi's.

Jedi Capture.

Stephaine, Kristin, Josh and were hanging out with Christina in her room.
Christina had just got a book from the library. That might help with defeating Christina's old arch rivals.
Stephaine: "Where did get that Christina?"
Christina: "The library."
Stephaine: "Cool."
Christina: "I'm trying to find something that will help me defeat my archrivals."
Kristin: "Well we got to defeat Darth Maul and Heather first."
Christina: "Well we might have something that might help us defeat those two."
Stephaine: "Good idea."
While the team was talking about a plan on defeating Heather. Meanwhile Heather Strait and Queen Rebecca were talking about a Jedi Capture.
Rebecca: "Listen to me Heather I think that we might have the advantage on capturing them."
Heather: "I'm listening your highness."
Rebecca: "Okay we might can capture those brats using these capture crystal they are made out of pure crystal but I might can put a spell on them that will
send them to another world forever."
Heather: "And you want me to get them for you."
Rebecca: "Right I will be sending guards to assist you."
Heather: "As you wish master."
While heather and the guards were sent by Queen Rebecca.
Meanwhile Josh, Kristin and Stephaine were on partol that night and Christina and Andy was spending time together in the dorm as winter turned into spring. After the quarter ended.
But something was wrong and two people was missing.
Stephaine and Josh were gone. They were captured in crystals and about to be sent to another world. Along with Stephaine she was gone to. Just then realizing that the others had been captured by Darth Maul and Heather. Back at the dorms. Christina and Andy was in a meeting when a note came to them it read like this:

Christina and Andy,

If you want to see Stephaine, Josh and Kristin ever again meet us at Grant Park for a final showdown. And bring Ben Kenobi and Qun-Gon Jinn with you see you in
3 days.

Heather and Darth.

The Ransom Note.

Christina and Andy picked up the Ransom note and begin to read it. Then suddenly they knew that this wasn't right.
Andy: "We will have to take this to your father."
Christina: "I agree."
Andy: "But what do they want with them anyways?"
Christina: "Revenge and besides we need to rescue our friends and why me."
Andy: "Probably Rebecca."
Christina: "If she's involved I'll deal with her."
Andy: "That's true cause I need to deal with Heather so what are we going to do?"
Christina: "First thing tomorrow morning we are straight to my father and then after that straight to take care of this mess."
Andy: "But what if is a trap and maybe Rebecca is behind all of this?"
Christina: "Kill her."
Andy: "Right."
Meanwhile Heather and Darth were discussing there next course of action.
Heather: "Did you deliever the Ransom note to Christina and Andy?"
Maul: "Yes I did and they should be on there way in 3 days."
Heather: "Good that away that we won't have any problems of taking them out by that time when Queen Rebecca gets through of the planet."
Maul: "Good."
Heather: "Were going back down to earth one last time but this time we are going to take care of the last of those brats."
Maul: "As you wish."
Heather and Darth Maul was on there way back to finish the job that they started but things didn't look so good for our two heroes the next morning after Christina and Andy arrived at the Jedi Temple.
Christina: "And they wanted Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn father."
Windu: "Are you sure about this Christina?"
Christina: "Yes daddy."
Windu: "So your saying that they are on there back to collect there ransom."
Christina: "In exchange for Stephaine, Josh and Kristin they are and they will banish them to another world until they get what they want daddy?"
Windu: "They must be stopped at once and your friends must be rescued we must answer to there demands where
do you have to meet them?"
Andy: "Grant Park."
Windu: "Go to Grant Park and take them with you but make sure that you get friends back."
Christina: "And if they refuse."
Windu: "Fight for them."
Chrsitina: "This could be the final battle that we could be facing."
Windu: "We could be sensing a trap."
Christina: "I know father that's why they have captured my friends so they could revenge."
Windu: "Well if that's so stop them at once before there graduation Andy I need you to remain here I have a something for you that need you to do since you are a second year you won't be fighting this fight I'm sending my daughter to fight this time I think that she's ready to fight."
Christina: "Thanks daddy."
Windu: "Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon come foward if you please."
Kenobi: "Yes sir."
Windu: "We have a little business to take care of."

Final Showdown.

Christina told everything to them about the note and what was happening and Ben and Qui-Gon Jinn explained that this bout was about to happen at Grant Park.
Jinn: "Your saying that this a rescue mission as well."
Christina: "Bingo and unless we don't destory them they won't give us our friends back."
Jinn: "Well now that is another story."
Mace Windu told Andy that he was going along to protect his daughter's life and she won't get hurt in this fight. But it said that Andy and Christina wanted Ben and Qui-Gon at Grant Park in three days and three days had passed. But they did had a plan but Spring had sprung and winter quarter was over the second years had gotten there caps and gowns.
Graduation was among them and Christina was looking forward to be a second year Jedi knight. But now there was the last thing that she had to do finish her jedi training. At the park stood Heather Strait and Darth Maul with the tied up captives.
Heather: "Well I see that you come with what we wanted."
Josh: "No Christina don't do it."
Heather: "Shut up."
Christina: "Release our friends or we shall send you and Darth Maul back to where you came from?"
Andy turned on his lightsaber.
Heather: "So I see that Andy and you both came to fight guards."
Guards came out.
Guards: "Yes mam."
Heather: "Deal with him Christina's mine."
Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn came right besides Christina.
Christina: "If you won't release the others then this will make you change your mind Qui-Gon and Ben attack them and cut the ropes off my friends."
Jinn: "What about Darth Maul?"
Christina: "Take care of him to make sure that he's destoryed I'll deal with her."
Heather: "Good playtime."
As princess heather got out her lightsaber and then she and Christina attacked each other and then Christina attacked Heather with the speed of lighting. And then the princess attacked back. After Christina's last blow from her saber.
Meanwhile while Christina was battling Princess Heather. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn took there lightsabers and battled Darth Maul in the hallways of the Pace Jedi Temple inside and outside they took turns battling him and then with one blow of Darth Maul's lightsaber. Qui-Gon Jinn was dead.
Kenobi: "No."
Ben Kenobi battled him till the finish and then Darth Maul was finally dead and then outside of the Dorms Christina took one strike and killed off Heather Strait. And then she was gone.


Christina rescued her friends from the ropes.
Josh: "Thanks Christina what ever happened to the others."
Christina: "Heather and Darth Maul are dead."
Kristin: "Looks like they won't be bothering us again."
Christina: "Yeah that's the truth."
Peace was finally returned back to the PACE campus and then Qui-Gon Jinn was buried at the tomb.
After the second years graduated from the program.
Christina: "What's going to happen now since Rebecca and her minions have been defeated?"
Kenobi: "We don't know?"
Christina: "I'm spending the summer training three new recruits in the council Qui-Gon told me before he died since my training is almost complete I can start training three new first years."
Windu: "That's true Christina you have proven yourself worthy are you going to the second years graduation."
Christina: "Me Stephaine and Kristin already went in June Kristin went home Stephaine and I are spending the weekends together."
Windu: "That's good."
Christina: "She's going to be looking for a job here in Evanston while training Greg a new first year over the summer I got Josh and Liz."
Windu: "All at once."
Christina: "Yeah."
Windu: "Anything else that your doing?"
Christina: "Well besides work I'm doing a baseball team master anakin thinks that it will be fun and besides he's coaching it."
Windu: "Really that's going to be intrestiing how many days is that."
Christina: "Three days a week."
Windu: "Well I think with these new jedi's Christina we won't have to worry about the shadow ninja gang anymore."
Christina: "Yeah I guess that's right daddy."
Planet Evanston life returned the way it's once was after Princess Heather and Darth Maul was killed but meanwhile Queen Rebecca went to her high master who was sitting on the throne in the space ship.
Metallia: "Rebecca."
Rebecca: "Yes mam."
Metallia: "I told you to get rid of them earlier on what happened?"
Rebecca: "We had some trouble down there we didn't know that they was going to be this much trouble before."
Metallia: "Well send your team down there and get the job finished and this time get down to it or I'll turn you into a pile of mush got that."
Rebecca: "Yes mam."
Metallia: "Now go and if I hear one more thing out of you you'll be finished."
Rebecca: "Right."
Meanwhile on Queen Rebecca's ship.
Rebecca's guards came around.
Rebecca: "Caleb get in here."
Caleb: "Yes mam."
Rebecca: "Get your team and get down to that planet."
Caleb: "Yes mam."
Rebecca: "And don't come back until there dead got that."
Caleb: "Right."
As the ninja shadow gang left with orders to head down to earth. They was supposed to attack Christina and her troops who was busy training 3 new people for the next year and as for the new transition students who was fully trained jedi knights. They will how to live in the third year hall and Queen Rebecca making her galliant return after the death of Princess Heather and Darth Maul. This could mean new challenges and new friendships and finally the alliance will made find out in the Star Wars in the Return of Queen Rebecca Ann Rieger and the Ninja Shadow Gang.

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