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My Good Friend

by Frank Fields
copyright 04-19-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

Hear me now, my good friend.
Listen to my words and hear
The voice of reason clear.

In a sullied age of grief and strife
Add not your anger, unsupported, unto me,
There is no reason don't you see.

Your way is yours, mine is mine.
Must you judge by what you hold dear
And discount my own life as never near?

The treasure that you have and want
Will never be the same as mine.
We drink from separate cups of wine.

Keep your words of anger and mistrust
To thine ownself ere it be too late
For your apology, the anger to abate.

Know you not, your way is yours.
And by your choice of your own path,
I'll not be suffered unto your wrath.

Leave off anger and suspicion given.
Your tree of fruit must stand barren
In my peaceful yard of my own heaven.

Would you have me walk your path
When mine, as is, suits me quite well
And more, allows me patience unto the knell.

Would you impress your anger and your wrath
And not allow each and every other one
To create their own rising sun?

Are you so sure your way is right
That you must in over-bearing tone
Try to cower me in my own home?

Is not the very thing you do
The same as you are accusing me
And which would never set me free?

I stand not in your back yard
And criticize the color of your weeds.
Know then, my yard wants not your seed.

If you come to me and mine
With hat in hand, and ignorance
Must I share with you that stance?

Would you have all of man
Everywhere be judged by your hand
When your hand, truly, can't hold the sand?

Is your own arrogance so great
That you take mean umbrage at the least
Of perceived slight, but at my feast?

I care not to bandy words nor beat about
But neither will I be suffered by your mien
To be judged by you or anyone as being unclean.

Leave off your anger and your hate.
They serve no purpose here to me
Except to tell me, you're not free.

As it has been said and written,
Judge not, lest ye be judged
And by your own coal be smudged.

Wouldst stay a friend or be a foe?
It matters not to me your choice
But leave off arrogance and critic's voice.

Hear me now, my good friend....

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        04-27-2007     Frank Fields        

If this piece seemed confusing or if the meaning was somewhat esoteric, then I do indeed apologize to our readers for that. It wasn't intended to be a convoluted journey of discovery, or anything like that. It had a relatively simple goal: to indicate that arrogance, especially arrogance that is being critical of someone/something else, but isn't mindful that the criticism is being caused by the arrogance, isn't tolerable. Sometimes my writing takes off on a journey by itself, and it seems to like to make twists and turns, and not stay dead-on center towards only one thing. It seems to be happiest when it achieves or acquires a multi-layered dimensionality. And I love our language. I like to play with words, with rhythm, with form and format, with texture, imagery, impact, emotional content, and so on. But never at the expense of my reading audience. That would be truly arrogant and a direction I cannot justify. We, all of us, have different levels of experience, of knowledge, of likes and dislikes, of priorities and all of the things that make us human. There can be a lot of mysticism in my writings as well as references to some things by which I was influenced greatly. The olde world, as I like to call it. A formal background with a formal education plus a true admiration of the bards of olde, on through the ages to more contemporary times, including studying so many different subjects, that sometimes they all clamor for attention and release. At university, English was my minor subject, Theater Arts was my major and it all came together with teaching credentials for Colorado. All of which indicates that I acquired a true liking for all kinds of works, poetic or otherwise. And I liked to write and I still do. But, again, never at the expense of my readers. I don't often add dedicatory remarks to my work. Nor do I like to dissect my work as part of the presentation. I think that detracts from the reader's pleasure and is almost dictatorial in terms of telling the reader a particular direction to follow. That is true arrogance--to not let the reader decide for him/herself whatever meaning is to be extracted from the work--even if it is none. I would rather hear honest evaluation, such as the one offered by Samantha, in order to allow me to think about future presentations, who the reading audience may be, and other things that might help me as a writer.

William :)


        04-26-2007     Samantha Powers        

This poem was so confusing lol it reminded me of shakespear and emotions put together. Then again shakespear was filled with emotions. I think the meaning of this poem was kind of pointless. And that this wasn't really one of your best poems. I saw a lot of confusing words and complex grammar but that doesn't mean it is bad. I can't say ill give u a five star becuz it wasn't that great to me. Although your quality of writing is really good and i will read some of your other poetry and comment but you keep submitting everything so fast i cant keep up.
Antha of the CC commity

        04-21-2007     Brian Dickenson        

Another well thought out and well constructed piece.
If only the lesson you advocate would be followed by all, our world would be a far better place.
We all march to the beat of our own drum. Why do some have a need to try and make others follow theirs.
I enjoyed the choice of words, very reminiscent of the poets of old.

        04-20-2007     Walter Jones        

In the mirror of life a slow smile came, but it was a smile just the same, for fate reaches for no man, God stops to see the fools play, a winding road as priest stays the path, and a black man tends to a victim of robbers, carries a cross for salvation and death, each passes on a road that hold nothing more than observation... enjoy your writing a great deal.... Walt

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