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Sailor Heart
Chapter 18-....But the War strengthens

by Alma Hulbert (Age: 24)
copyright 04-28-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

"I hate this." Nessia was behind the counter of the hotel. Codi walked by, for her luck.
"Vhat did you say?" Nessia looked up with worried eyes.
"What do you mean?"
"I heard you say 'I hate this." Nessia calmed down.
"I talk to myself. I was looking at this magazine. Don't you think this fashion is beyond horrific?" Codi froze as I flipped open a page of the magazine that was next to me.
"Uhh...I don't know much about fashion. Ask Helga." He walked off to his office. Nessia went back to her magazine when she heard Codi again.
"Hey, have you seen David lately?" Nessia's heart sank.
"No, I haven't. Sorry."
"Okay." He went back into his office. Nessia looked up at a couple that walked in. They seemed new. She waved them over.
"Over here." They saw her and walked fast so they wouldn't get trampled.
"Is it always this busy?" The women asked.
"No, only on Fridays."
"Hey, you're not German are you?"
"No, I'm Japanese. I can just speak English really well. So, how can I help you?" She had her guest smile and looked at them both.
"We would like a room, one bed, king possibly." The man was taking out his wallet.
"Yes, we have a few on this floor and on the top floor."
"I like the one down here." The woman grabbed onto the counter like she was afraid of heights.
"No problem. Anything else? Oh, how long would you like to stay?"
"It's our honeymoon. A week?" The man put his arm around his wife and smiled.
"Oh really? Would you like the honeymoon suite?"
"No!" They both screamed at the same time.
"Okay." She was shocked at the reaction.
"Okay, a week in room ten, with a bath, T.V. and a king. Okay, that will be $1,320."
"Wow, that's actually cheap." The woman chirped.
"It's a lot more in German money." She winked and gave them their room key. The man payed with his Chase and they grabbed their bags.
"Have a nice stay!" Nessia yelled at the couple as they walked away. They just smiled and waved back. She slouched back in her chair and thought of David. She heard a few foot steps approach the counter.
"Where can I get a nice room with all of my friends?" Nessia looked up and couldn't believe her eyes.
"Denia!" She jumped up and flew over the counter. They hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.
"Oh my god, you grew. Not just in height either. How much can you lift?" Nessia was touching Denia's muscles on her arm.
"I've been working out. A lot of work has been taking away my life." The senchis chuckled under their breaths. Nessia noticed it.
"Who are these people?"
"Their new friends I got in Tokyo. They saved a lot of lives. Mine included." Another round of chuckling was rolling in the group.
"We have to get you out of here. Codi might think you're customers."
"Who?" Nessia was confused.
"The manager of this hotel."
"Oh." Denia and the rest of the senchi followed Nessia into the back area. They went to David's room.
"David worked here?"
"Where do you think all those 'things' came to to beat him up and take him away?" Nessia was being quiet about the David thing like the group behind Nessia had no clue what Youmas were. She unlocked the door and turned on a light.
"It's not very big, but it fits a lot of 'things'." Denia and the rest of the group knew exactly what she was talking about.
"I get off my shift today in a few minutes. I just have to wait until Helga gets here, then I can come back."
"You work here?"
"David wanted me to do something to keep me occupied." Nessia's face was distant.
"See you soon." She walked out and locked the door. Foot steps faded down the hallway and then they were heard again. The door unlocked and Nessia popped her head in.
"Helga is here. My shift is done." She closed the door and walked over to the still standing group. Denia already made herself at home.
"Have a seat. I have my bed out and David's bed is nice and big. There's a couch and also a floor for a few of the dust bunnies that might be in here. One is every crowd." Nessia didn't realize that she was talking in Japanese. She took off her employee uniform jacket and went into the bathroom. She came back out wearing something fit for battle. She saw everyone sitting down.
"Like it here in Germany?" Denia asked as Nessia sat down beside her.
"It's better with someone to share it with."
"You must have been close to David, huh?"
"The only thing we didn't do together was sleep with each other." Denia's eyes went wide.
"We have different beds. Do you really think I'm that low?"
"No." Denia felt guilty all of a sudden.
"What's on your mind?" Nessia grabbed the remote control and turned on the T.V. Once it was on, all of the boys were glued to it.
"Hey, it's in German!"
"There is English subtitles."
"Oh." The boys looked back to the T.V.
"So?" Nessia went back to her friend.
"What's on your mind?"
"Kyel, David, and Erik."
"Wait, how do you know David?"
"Kyel is David's brother that was supposed to protect me in Tokyo, like David is with you."
"I know about all of that already."
"You might not know that after David was ambushed, he wasn't taken away."
"I saw the whole thing. What do you mean he wasn't taken away?"
"I guess on the way, he escaped and teliported to Kyel, at the hotel he and I were at."
"So he went to his brother?"
"Yes, he was in really bad condition. Serena there had to heal him." Denia pointed at the blond that was picking her nose.
"She helped him?"
"She has a different personality."
"What do you mean?"
"She's the leader of the Sailor Senchi."
"The what?"
"She's Sailor Moon. Everyone else in here are Venus through Pluto. The Knights are the same."
"I heard David talk about Knights one time."
"Then you know about us then?"
"Us? You mean you're one of them? All of the planets have been taken."
"Not mine. Not the one from another galaxy, our galaxy.
"Our galaxy? What do you think I am, an alien?"
"No, we have been reborn." Denia was waiting for the major questions to be sprayed at her.
"What do you mean reborn? I don't remember anything that might have happened in another life. Why would I care?"
"You're not just my best friend, you're my sister in-law." Denia looked down at her boots and closed her eyes.
"You married Erik with out telling me? I thought Erik was missing with that Metallia character!" Nessia was screaming at this point.
"No, in the past, our last life, we were married."
"I don't believe this. You have been reading too many books, haven't you?" Nessia was standing at this point and had her hands her head.
"No! God, why won't you believe me? How do you think I got so strong, eating breakfast bars? I was saving the freaking world! I was in America fighting the biggest freaking Youma you can possibly imagine!"
"Whatever." Nessia sat back down and and looked away. Denia stood up and took out her 'pen'. She held it out in front of her
"Heart Power Make-up!" Nessia looked up in amazement once she saw the bright light. She sat there with wide eyes even after Sailor Heart was in front of her.
"You weren't kidding me."
"Do I ever?" Sailor Heart smiled as Nessia hugged her.
"I'm so sorry I didn't believe you."
"It's okay. I didn't believe Elli at first either."
"Your cat?"
"Yes, her cat. I hate meowing. Besides, how else was she supposed to find out, get a cat translator for me?" Elli was on the bed where Denia and Nessia sat.
"He can talk."
"Yes, in a few fluent languages, thank you." She picked him up.
"Always knew there was something different about you." Elli started purring once Nessia pet him.
"Well, we don't have much time, we need to get to the Negaverse." Setsuna stood up and went over to Sailor Heart.
"Which one are you?" Nessia put Elli on the bed.
"I'm Sailor Pluto."
"Cool. I never thought there would be something so big for a planet so small." Setsuna was taken back by this casual comment.
"Okay. We need you to be on your best behavior as we battle the daughter of all that's bad..and air headed." Setsuna looked like a kindergarten teacher, telling one of you students what to do with a paper they were given.
"I'm in 10th grade lady," Nessia crossed her arms."Besides, I can fight just as well as Denia can."
Serena walked over.
"We are losing time with every second we talk. We have to get to the Negaverse."
"Fine." Sailor Heart was holding something Elli gave her.
"Nessia, this is yours." It was a pen that was similar to the Senchis'. It was blue with pink and green stars.
"Just say 'Solar Power Make-up.'" Nessia did as she was told.
"Solar Power Make-up!" A bright light shot off of Nessia. Then it soon faded. She was dressed in a one piece dress that was green with blue trimming. She had gloves that were like what the Knights wore, that were light blue. She had her hair up as usual but with green rope instead. She had a necklace that had a silver chain and a blue and green yin-yang pendant. She had blue with green striped flats.
"Wow." Sailor Solar looked at her outfit and loved it already.
"I can't believe it's in blue and green."
"Yes your favorite colors. They are really the colors or your kingdom, or home planet, Solar."
"You have some weird names for planets in your galaxy." Sailor Heart ignored Serena.
"Okay, now that you're ready, lets go."
"We have to go through a few obstacles first if we do the Sailor Transport." Amy was getting her transformation pen out. There was a sudden light and then she was Sailor Mercury.
"Sailor Mercury." She bowed lightly at Sailor Solar.
"Hi. I have to get used to this name." Sailor Heart and Sailor Solar giggled as the rest of the group transformed.
"Those are the Venus couple, then the Jupiter couple, Mars couple, and Mercury couple. Then there's Sailor Uranus and Neptune 'couple' and Sailor Pluto. Then the head of the Solar System, Sailor Moon and her other Tuxedo Mask." Sailor Heart did a quick check on every one.
"Nice and short. You're always like that." Sailor Heart looked up at Sailor Solar.
"Oh, sorry."
"Okay everybody hold hands." Sailor Pluto held her staff under her arm and grabbed Sailor Solar's hand and then Sailor Moon's. Everyone was soon in a circle in the small room.
"Sailor transport." Each Sailor Scout and Knight glowed their planet's color. A rainbow of light shot to the sky. Soon every one was flying into the sky, toward the Negaverse.
"Whoa, I'm in space." Sailor Solar was gripping Sailor Heart's and Sailor Venus's hands so tight, they turned white.
"Same here." Sailor Moon was glaring at Sailor Solar, and Heart glared right back. They were two feet away from coming to the gates of the Negaverse when they were thrown to the ground.
"Ow. Told you we had to go through some obstacles." Sailor Mercury stood up, getting her mini-computer out.
"How many are there?" Sailor Mars walked over to Mercury.
"Just this one." Mercury pointed at the Youmas that were coming toward them.
"Watch out!" Mercury Knight pushed Sailor Mercury out of the way of an attack by the Youmas.
"Kissing Hearts!" Three Youmas were knocked down. There were twenty to start with.
"Fire Soul!" Two more were knocked down.
"Ice Shards!" Two more.
"Oak Evolution!" Three more.
"Moon Tiara Action!" Three more.
"World shaking!" Two more.
"Deep Submerge!" Three more. Two were left.
"Come one Sailor Moon!" Sailor Solar yelled from behind.
"It's your turn." Sailor Moon stepped out of the way and let Sailor Solar step up.
"I don't know what to say."
"This might help." Sailor Moon kicked her in the leg.
"Hey! Solar light!" A bright yellow light with a hint of blue and green shown at the two remaining Youmas. Once the light faded, there were no Youma left to be seen.
"Great job." Sailor Moon smiled and stepped toward the front gate. It opened easily.
"They must really want to lose." Sailor Moon continued on. Nobody let there guard down. They walked in and the gate slammed. Then there was laughing.
"Welcome to your death Sailor Dorks!"
"Metallia." Sailor Solar clenched her teeth together.
"It's Queen, QUEEN you dork!" Then there was grunting coming from another room. A door flew off it's frame and flew across the room. Kyel fell out with his sword in his hand. It was covered in some kind of goo. Then David came out after him. He was fighting the Youmas that were fighting them in the first place. He was hit badly and fell to the ground. Then a man in a pink tux flew out of the door. He was still standing, but only just. Youmas popped out of the room after them.
"Just ignore them, they're traitors and are being treated like traitors." Metallia waved them out of her mind as she gracefully walked(that's a first) toward Sailor Heart.
"So this is the Sailor scout that tried to beat me the first time. You look different, but your hair hasn't changed one bit." She was holding Heart's chin in her hand so she could take a look at her.
"My name in Sailor Heart. I stand for love and all that is love. no one could be happy without me. In the name of Heart, I will smash you." A tear fell down to the floor.
"You'll never hurt me, Denia!" Metallia laughed hysterically. The man in the pink tux looked over in shock. He recognized the girl in the pink and blue, with orange hair.
"Denia?" He sliced away the Youma that was coming toward him and walked over to her. Sailor Heart got out of Metallia's hand and looked at the boy coming over. She knew him too.
"Erik?" Sailor Solar looked over everyone's shoulders to see the boy Sailor Heart thought was Erik.
"Erik!" Solar ran up to the front of the group and ran toward him. Metallia pushed her back. She fell to the floor.
"Ow! I'm not gonna be pushed around by you ever again!" Solar jumped up and held her hands out in front of her.
"Solar Ligh...." She was cut off by the shock of darkness that Metallia gave her. She flipped a few times back and fell to the ground.
"Nessia!" Heart Knight ran over to who he thought was Nessia, but was also held back by the darkness. This time he was being held up in the air with what looked like a noose covered in darkness.
"Ah.." He had a hard time breathing. Sailor Heart had a waterfall coming down her face at this point.
"Leave my family alone!" She pushed Metallia back with her own hands. Once she touched her, she was shocked by the darkness as well.
"Ow.." She was on the ground, twitching. Sailor Venus stepped up.
"Like she said, don't mess with my family! Love and beauty shock!" It did nothing.
"You are so weak." Metallia hit Venus with another shock. She went flying. Venus Knight ran over to her.
"HA!" Metallia jumped away with Heart Knight in tow. Sailor Heart tried to reach for him, as he did to her. It didn't go well. Metallia and Heart Knight disappeared into the darkness. Sailor Heart fell to her knees. Kyel and David finished off the Youmas and ran over. David scooped Sailor Solar up.
"I'm so glad to see you. I see you found out about the Sailor thing." They hugged and let go of each other. Kyel lifted Heart's chin.
"Hi." She still had a waterfall coming down her face.
"He's strong, he vill last." He helped her up. Everyone in the group stood strong and proud, looking at the Youmas that were sent to them.
"Split up team!" Sailor Moon already had her tiara in her hand as she ran toward the swarm.
"Arrows, come forth!"
"Fire Soul!"
"Bubble Blast!"
"Ice Slice!"
"Fire Dragon!"
"Thunder Hammer!
"World Shaking!"
"Deep Submerge!"
"Dead Scream."
"Love and Beauty Shock!"
"Thunder Clashing Slice!"
"Kissing Hearts!"
"Lovely Dice!"
"Dark beats Light!"
"Dark Stars!"
"Rose Pushing Death!"
"Tiara Action!"
After every one has used their attack once, only half of the amount of Youmas that they started with, were gone.
"Great, we're going far." Sailor Jupiter crossed her arms and looked at the lake of purple movement.
"If we do this a few more times, then the number will decrease." Sailor Mercury held her hands for another round. They did another round, all in the same order. Once the smoke cleared, a few were left.
"Well, that went well."
"Whatever. Solar Light! Solar Light! Solar Ligh..umph." A Youma snuck up behind Sailor Solar and attacked her in the back.
"Ah! Ow!" The Youma wouldn't let up. It just kept attacking. David ran over and sliced it open with his sword. The Youma disappeared but Sailor Solar laid in her spot.
"Nessia!" David shook her to make sure she was still alive.
"Huh? Ow." She slowly sat up.
"Thank goodness." Kyel yelled over to them,
"Vatch out!" David looked up too late and was hit by a Youma. He was now on the ground with Sailor Solar. He was knocked out cold. Solar grabbed David's sword and knocked it back. She put the sword next to David,
"God, wake up soon,please." She ran off to help the rest of the group. It seems they had their own attack from hidden Youmas. Kyel, Sailor Heart, Sailor Jupiter, and Mars Knight still stood.
"We have to watch our backs." As Mars Knight said this, he was knocked down by a Youma. He hit his head on the stone floor and was out cold.
"Mars!" Sailor Jupiter attacked the Youma that attacked Mars. Then she was out cold by her Youma.
Kyel attacked that Youma to just be a part of the Youmas' plan. He was down before you could say 'Shiitake Mushrooms.' The only ones left were Sailor Solar and Sailor Heart.
"Look for all of the Youmas." Sailor Heart stood back to back with Solar.
"It's so great that we're back together after all that time. I got used to Germany after awhile. I didn't get used to the food though." They both chuckled.
"I'm glad you made it after eating the food."
"A few things aren't that bad."
"I'll check out the menu sometime. I have your word."
"Thanks, sis."
"Not yet."
"We're not married yet. If we survive, we might get married when we are older." Heart chuckled nervously.
"I just hope we do make it." A Youma sprang toward Solar but she dropped it like it was hot. The Youma that was gonna knock down Solar was attacked by Heart before it could think. Then Solar and Heart attacked with out thinking either. There were four left. They had two each now. Heart shot an arrow and it took both of hers out. Solar flashed them with 'Solar light.' They both went down as well.
"We won." Solar took a deep breath and smiled.
"But not the war. This was just the battle." Solar stopped smiling and looked at the moving figures.
"Ow, where am I?"
"Venus!" Heart ran over to her and helped her up.
"My head kills."
"It will get better, don't worry." Then there was a deep grunt.
"Anthony!" Venus jumped on him and choked him like he would leave her again.
"Hi dear. Oh, my back." He stood up and stretched.
"We have to continue. We don't have time to wait for every one else to get back together." Sailor Heart pointed toward a door that might help them.
"Let's check it out." Solar, Venus Knight, and Sailor Venus walked toward the door Heart pointed at. It opened with out a care. A few Youmas were waiting for them.
"Man, you guys are slow. It took you how long to fight off the others?" A Youma stood up from its spot on the floor and walked toward them.
"Solar Light!" It was blown away.
"They can talk?" Solar pointed at the black spot on the floor.
"Yeah, sadly." Sailor Heart walked toward the other three that were left. She shot the one that was closest with an arrow. It was gone in no time. Sailor Venus took the next one, and Knight the last. Once all of them were gone, a door showed up all of a sudden on the far wall. There was laughing on the other side.
"She must be on the other side." Sailor Venus pushed forward. Again the door opened easily.
"Has she ever heard of locks?" Knight pointed at the knobless door.
"She's not very bright."
"Speaking of's not in here." Solar was right. It was dark as night on a night of a new moon. A boy was heard groaning and a woman chuckling.
"Come out Breeana. I want to play." Heart was talking through clenched teeth.
"Turn on a light." Before anyone could move, a light flicked on. The four found out that they were standing at the top of a stone stair case. They looked at the bottom to see Metallia holding Heart Knight by his hair. His hat was burned to a crisp on the floor next to him. He was knocked out, like he lost fighting against Metallia. Metallia was floating a few feet from the ground, laughing uncontrollably.
"Why do I have a weird sense that I have already seen this picture?" Sailor Heart started walking down the steps.
"You'll never get to me in time with that pace!" Metallia laughed again at her joke. Sailor Venus jumped and fell to the bottom. She jumped back up to kick at Metallia or Heart Knight out of her hands. Metallia moved in time and Venus spun out of control to the floor. Sailor Solar and Sailor Heart followed suit, as well as Venus Knight. They all stood in front of Metallia. Solar helped Venus up and they all stood in a line.
"Oh look, one big happy family that will die together. You're missing a member." She waved Heart Knight like he was a fish.
"Don't do that you scum!" Sailor Heart stepped closer, hands at the ready.
"Don't worry, you can have him." She threw him to the ground. Sailor Heart caught him in time to stop him from hitting the ground too hard. She pushed him to the side so he didn't get hit. Solar ran toward Metallia and kicked her in the shin.
"Ow, you really hit me. How do you like this?" She shot a wave of darkness and everyone flew back. Venus Knight stood up and attacked her as well.
"Lovely Dice!" He swung at her with his sword. It caught her arm. She started bleeding.
"Paper cut, oh that hurt." She kicked at him but did a few flips in the air as a result.
"Damn this tight bottom part!" She was on the ground now, but standing.
"Kissing Hearts!" Metallia was shot back a few inches but still stood.
"You think that hu..." An arrow pierced Metallia in the stomach, but she pulled it back out.
"That one did hurt." She was holding her wound, getting her hands covered in her blood.
"Altogether now." Sailor Heart turned around to see Heart Knight walking toward them, but with a limp.
"Right." Once he was over to her, she held his hand. Venus and Knight did the same thing. Then they all locked hands together.
"Venus, Heart, Solar, Flare!" They all yelled at once. A bright light glowed off all of them and then it formed into a ball. It grew big enough and they let it go. Metallia screamed and screamed. Once the light and the smoke lifted, they were shocked.
"I'm still here aren't I?" She had a voice like someone just woke up, groggy and distorted.
"No, that should have killed you."
"I'm stronger than you thought." The line released their hands and stood in wonder as Metallia laughed. She held her hand out and shot a blast of darkness at Sailor Venus and her Knight. They flew back to the wall behind them and collapsed to the floor. She was getting ready to shoot one at the other couple. They stood together, his hand on her shoulder while his other hand held her hands, which were in front of them both. They were on their knees, so they had better balance. Sailor Heart knew what this was.
"Together, our hearts shall stay as One!" They both spoke at the same time. A bright ball of power grew and grew in their hands. It was like a ball of flashbacks. It showed all of the times they were together. The other scouts have recovered and followed their path. They were standing at the top of the stairs on their way down until they saw Princess Heart and Prince Heart, together, holding in their hands, a ball of what will finish Metallia for good. They released the ball and it blew Metallia into the wall behind her. There was a black spot in the shape of a woman. Everyone stood there, staring at the death of evil. Sailor Heart and Heart Knight were now standing, looking in each other's eyes. Everyone else snapped out of their trance and ran down the stairs. They were cheering their heads off and were helping the fallen Venuses. They were back to walking. The Hearts didn't notice anything. They blocked off the world and looked at each other in the eyes. Then Heart Knight wrapped himself around Sailor Heart. They both cried together.
"I'm so glad to have you here with me. It felt like my world was ending in that dark, damp, hell."
"I'm so glad you're alive. I missed you so much. I wanted to claw through anyone that got in my way of getting to you." They continued to hug each other and started getting back to the world. Sound started surrounding them and they heard the cheering clearly. They let go of each other and looked at everyone. They were jumping up and down and hugging each other.
"Come one, lets go home." Heart Knight was relived when he heard Sailor Moon say that.
"Home. I wonder what it's like."

They all gathered together in a circle to transport back to Earth. Kyel, David, and Heart Knight were know a part of the circle. There were no gold tattoos around the wrists of Kyel and David.
"Sailor transport." They all spoke at the same time and were soon lifted into space. Before they knew it, they were back on Earth, in Tokyo. They let go of the other's hand and looked at where they were.
"We're in our village!" Sailor Heart looked around to see the neighbors walking around, living life like they did before the big attack. The villagers looked over at the dirt and blood covered people in matching outfits that had holes. A few laughed while others continued to live their life.
"We can de-transform in front of them now that evil is gone?" Sailor Heart looked at her torn fuku and bloody legs.
"I guess so." Sailor Moon shrugged and then next this you saw was light and then Serena was in the spot. Sailor Heart did the same and then she was Denia. A few people that saw recognized the orange hair and pink top and blue bottom. A few of the younger kids in the Village that praised Princess Denia ran over, giggling.
"Denia, where have you been? We were worried about you." One of the kids looked at her new outfit.
"I like your old style better." Denia laughed and picked the kid up.
"I get tired with that one after a while." She put the kid down and the kids all ran off to their parents. She turned around to see that everyone had de-transformed. Kyel and David looked rejected.
"Come with me you two." Erik led them to his house. They disappeared in the doorway.
"They might have to go back to Germany." Nessia hung her head as she mourned.
"That don't have to if they don't want to." Setsuna stood beside her. Nessia smiled and looked back at the boys that were fresh looking. David went over to Nessia and hugged her.
"Thank you for every thing. Now I vish Kyel vouldn't mind if ve stay here instead of going back to Germany."
"I already told you that you could stay. I vant to go back. There's no reason for me staying. Denia, do you have that key vith you?" Setsuna walked over to Kyel.
"You don't have to go. There's a lot of girls that like you here. You can stay at my place too." Setsuna smiled and hoped Kyel said yes.
"Okay." They both blushed and walked off.
"I'm younger than I look."
"Yeah." They walked off talking to each other. They were both about the same height, but Setsuna was still a little taller.
"We better go too." Alex and Michelle walked to the edge to go to Tokyo.
"See you again!" Denia yelled back at them. Soon every one started going their own way. Mina and Anthony were the only ones that stayed.
"Let's meet the rest of the family." Mina walked toward Denia's 'house' and walked in. They all walked into the house then closed the door. Nessia, Erik, Denia, David, Anthony, and Mina all said hi to Denia's parents.

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        07-27-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

"Rose Pushing Death!" Ah well, so much for the cabbages! Then again, roses are so fagy cabbages actually be may more redeeming.......

Great work and congrats on finishing the book! I am actually commenting on this before I comment on the previous chapter, but I wanted to know what happened first. :) The ending battles were really good, and I like the way you ended it. I also liked the big revelation with Nessia. She's been one of my favorite characters, as I mentioned earlier on. I also like how you added the things with multiple countries, because in a way that even though it is total fantasy it makes the story more...what's the word? Well, closer to the real world. I like that in a book.

Also, your describing and that sort was very good. Your writing style was bumpy at the start of this book, even though it has smoothed out a lot since then. I look forward to reading your next book! Do you plan on continuing that What The Boys Dream book or starting something else? Either way, I'll do my best to be more loyal to commenting as the chapters!

Good work on another book under you belt, Alma!

Leigh of the Commenting Community

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