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Solid Orange

by Cortney Jaruzel (Age: 27)
copyright 05-22-2007

Age Rating: 16 +

Through this glass, I see a man of pain.
I see him sighing away his hurt.
His only recognition is his guilt,
and a lack of promise from this world.
Seeing the sweat drip from his head,
as he gently picks up the phone.
Smiling in excitement, stilled by pain,
with the remark, "I'm tired of feeling alone."
His sallow skin, still dripping wet.
It's late at night, I dream of your face.
There's a wall between us, made of stone,
Holding me back, away from this place.
I get on my knees and touch the sky,
and suddenly the time moves fast.
I pray that your pain will ease,
and it'll erase the mistakes of the past.
I sit here as time slows down again,
and I studied his darkened eyes.
He pulls out my picture and kisses it,
I touched the glass, smiling, as a reply.
As the door opens, it's already time to go.
I blow a kiss, walking towards the door.
Watching him turn with tears in his eyes,
another walks out, dressed in solid orange

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        09-20-2007     Everett (dale) Pogue        

Cortney: You captured something vivid and quite painful. The setting is immediately clear. The relationship stays hidden for awhile. You did a marvelous job in creating a scene not unlike the real one. I have only praise for the writer and a prayer for the one in orange.

        07-21-2007     Wayne Thomas        

Frank Fields is a great writer, so I can't pretend to be as profound as his insights. Still, it's a great write. The color orange in the title leaves room to guess at its significance and not until the very end do we get the answer. There is so much pain in life, regardless of our status, especially for prisoners for whom The Cage is so often a rotating door since they just can't cope with the outside world. Or if it's us, shackled to our aches and pains and such short, futile lives, it's only a hope, a kiss on a picture, and then away we die. I hope this guy is one of the lucky ones! Very good stuff!

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