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Je Te Veux

by Riona Evers
copyright 05-27-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

Not a second passes by
When you are not in my thoughts
Every time I close my eyes
I see your gentle smile

Love at first sight
Was it not?
Since the moment I laid my eyes upon you
My body yearned for your touch

Surely it was Cupid's Arrow
That has struck my heart
Perhaps it was Eros' Wings
Arousing my desires?

Nothing matters now
For I am in love with you
Not even the stars, nor Fate
Shall hinder our union

I want you

My heart will not settle down
Even when I fall asleep
Each moment when I think of you
It dances an endless waltz

Your serene voice still whispers
Delicately in my ears
Your carefree smiles still tease
Ceaselessly in my mind

Shall I write a sonnet of love...
Maybe an epistle of reverence...
Possibly a bundle of flora
To win over your heart...

Nay, such offerings cannot
Express my passions for you
For it is too vast and immeasurable
Gifts cannot convey my true love

I want you

Fortune has smiled upon me
To bestow such a love
A gift from Heaven
Which I do not deserve

Hands that I will treasure
Body that I shall caress
Breath that I will adore
Heart that I shall embrace

I do not present my body
Nor do I grant the word "Love"
For these bequests are far too lowly
To offer for your life

Instead, I present my heart,
My Soul and my vow
That I shall worship you
Until Time's End

I want you

Alas! The hour strikes near!
Will you be able to hear
The laughter and mourns of my heart?

With my mind set and courage ablaze
The walk so distant and time in a daze
I confess my love to you in these simple words;

I want you

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