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by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 05-28-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

A lone Valkyrie surveys the battlefield
Humans fighting over the possession of land, fallen soldiers scattered everywhere
The souls of the lost still clinging to the land
Although what they were fighting for was their families and loved ones rather than land,
If a warrior is valiant but weak he shall not be selected by the Valkyrie forming her army

She selects the souls she finds worthy,
And returns to Valhalla with them
She has the fear Ragnarok is drawing closer,
As her einherjar warn her of the plans of the mortals to strike back against the gods
While her superiors, including Odin, dismiss it as foolish lies of einherjar,
The thought still bothered her

The job of the Valkyrie is to guide the souls of the dead,
And have an army composed for the fight that brings Ragnarok
While the goal of all gods is to live until Ragnarok,
This Valkyrie would rather try bringing peace to Asgard and Midgard,
Rather than awaiting the end,
Slowing itís time to come

Even visiting the world tree, Yggdrasil, brings no comfort to this valkyrie
She returns to Midgard to chose her einherjar from the fallen soldiers once again,
And learns more of the dark plans humans are creating
Although she knows if they posed any real threat, Odin would strike them all down,
She realizes that whether they desire peace or power,
If they are not stopped by mortals,
Then they are crushed by the gods
Is the rule of the gods really helping Midgard at all?, the lone Valkyrie wonders

Arenít the gods supposed to stay out of the affairs of Midgard?
So, why then do they always threaten the world of mortals?
Just to let them know the gods are superior?
But, is the mind of a god really that far above that of a mortal?
Is it fate for Midgard and Asgard to clash?
Is that the true imperfection and rivalry,
That shall start Ragnarok?
And if I have influence over fate...
Can I alter this one?

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        06-13-2011     Wayne Thomas        

Strange what perception a few years can bring. I could really get inside this and let it flow, unlike last time, I guess. I took the time to really soak it in, and the loose rhythm really plays to the fascinating work. The brilliant story, the fascinating point of view, the way you paint the magic tapestry--it's just great!

        07-17-2007     Samantha Powers        

lol wow........
once again wow.
i dont think ive read anythign like this b4
it was marvelous it was so cool
and isee you made up your own things and questions and everything
but you also went with mythology a bit too
i i think i noticed one error then again you might want it tha tway

Even visiting the world tree, Yggdrasil, brings no comfort to this valkyrie

shouldnt valkyrie be capatilized
i dont kno if anyone has mentioned that already usually i dont look at toher peoples comments just so i can stay fresh and not say the exact same thing on purpose =P
good job this is one of your really good pieces as in i would print it out and frame it on my wall and when u become famous ill be like i know her!

        06-20-2007     Wayne Thomas        

An excellent piece on an excellent theme, which could do (in my humble and fallible opinion) with a little more showing and a little less telling. I never knew much about Norse mythology, so this was quite an eye-opener.. A little more use of the five senses and it'll be perfect. Keep it it. You're doing good.

        06-11-2007     Alma Hulbert        

This was really powerful. Once I saw the word 'Ragnarok' I knew where you got it from, FOF. So this Valkyrie is like Hades, guiding the souls to where they need to be. It sounds a lot like present day with the battle field scene. Also, it seems like a war angel that takes the strong ones up to heaven or something. This was really good. I know there might be more to it, but I can't seem to see it. Talk to you later.
~Alma H.

        05-30-2007     Frank Fields        

Wonderful! Simply wonderful! And filled with wonder. The question posed may, indeed, never be known--not even by the Valkyrie. For Odin remains supreme from his seat in Valhalla, from which he directs the comings and goings of Asgard, Midgard, and Niflheim. Perhaps until Ragnarok does arrive.

This is a delightful weaving of Norse mythology, some ancient, some more recently etymologized, but still delightfully presented to give us a question at the end which we can all look at personally.

I believe that Einherjar should be capitalized, neh? And there was one instance where Valkyrie was left without her formal attire of a capital V. But to pick this apart wouldn't serve any good purpose.

It should be enjoyed for what it is; a spell-binding write of the application of ancient lore to modern times!

Excellent write, Leigh. ^_^

Frank :)

        05-29-2007     Riona Evers        

Ahh, a poem influenced by Norse Mythology... I truly enjoyed this piece. A brief description about the Norse Lores, Valkyries, Valhalla, Odin, etc., in the first part of the piece, and the thought of mortals, or lesser beings than Gods, having the power to be able to bend the will of the Gods and perhaps Fate itself, in the last parts of the poem. Quite well written Leigh ^^

I particularly like the last stanza of this piece; the question, or the thought of being able to manipulate/change Fate, and thus avoiding an ill-fated prophecy. A daunting, yet an imposing question this is.

Bravo =]

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