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Lesson Five

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 07-15-2007

Age Rating: 1 +

Author's Note: I haven't messed with my Japanese Lessons in a while, and I can't sign on right now to see what they looked like (I'm typing this offline after all) so stick with me even if this looks a little different from my old ones. :) I'm not sure where I left off with my old ones, but this one is going to be colors and mail. Why such a strange combo? Because they're both rather small sections. :) Thanks Megan, if I didn't know I had fans I wouldn't of continued these just yet. Oh, and yes the main character of my book, Flights of Fantasy, Akhy's name is actually said Akai...

Iro, (ee-roh) Colors

English Japanese Pronunciation

Red Akai ah-kai

Orange Orenji oh-ren-jee

Yellow Kiiroi kee-roy

Blue Aoi ah-oy Also, I had a hard time getting used to "aoi". I've also heard it said, aowe with a long A.

Green Midori mee-doh-ree

Black Kuroi koo-roy

Gray Gure goo-reh

Brown Chairoi chy-roy

White Shiroi shee-roy

Pink pinku peen-koo


Where is a mailbox? Posuto wa doko desu ka? pohss-toh wah doh-koh dess kah

Where is a post office? Yubinkyoku wa doko desu ka yoo-bean-kyoh-koo wah doh-koh dess kah

Letter tegami teh-gah-mee

Postcard hagaki hah-gah-kee

Package kozutsumi koh-zoo-tsoo-mee

Stamp kitte keet-teh

How much does a stamp cost? Kitte wa ikura desu ka? keet-teh wah ee-koo-rah dess kah

By airmail kokubin koh-koo-bean

To the U.S.A. Amerika e ah-meh-ree-kah eh

To Canada Kanada e kah-nah-dah eh

To Australia Osutoraria e ig-soo-toh-rah eh

I would like to buy a phonecard. Watashi wa terehon kado ga hoshii desu wah-tah-see wah teh-reh-hohn kah-doh gah hoh-shee dess

And that concludes Japanese Lesson Five. Look for Japanese Lesson Six, Building Sentences!

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        10-25-2009     Jordan Screws        

Yay, more Japanese language lessons! I mean that in all seriousness... my college is planning to offer a Japanese language course some time in the future. I will probably be gone before then, but if it does materialize while I am still around I may be tempted to take it. It is a tossup between that and German, but I would like to learn more about Japanese culture and make the jump from possible weeaboo to cosmopolitan fellow of the world. Going from French to Japanese will be challenging should I ever make the move, but this basic Japanese lesson series should make it a wee bit easier.

I really like how you put a phonetic translation next to your phrases. I wish my French classes had done that in the beginning to make things a bit easier, but all we got was a mostly clunky box of phonetics. I guess I learned it well enough because I currently possess an intermediate-level knowledge of French, but Japanese seems like a horse of a different color altogether. How did you learn Japanese to start with?

A weeaboo is a contemptuous term for a person not from Japan who wants to be Japanese through learning about it, primarily through anime. Maybe earnest people like you can help anime fans transition from weeaboo anime fanboy/fangirl into a more serious understanding of the language and culture. Because "KAWAII" and "BAKA" do not count for the whole language... God knows I've seen enough weeaboos at anime conventions to last the rest of my life. Anyway, thanks for posting these as a serious start to learning Japanese.

        04-06-2009     Megan Cox        

So I've finally started my Japanese classes, and I found something that might help a bit with this. (Actually, I should've posted this comment a while ago, but I kept forgetting..... ><). In any case..... I found the word for purple! (So long as my sensei's right, that is. XD) She says that purple is 'Murasaki' or 'Murasaki no iro'. ^^ Hope that helped!


        02-13-2008     Megan Cox        

O.o I just noticed, but where's purple?

        07-20-2007     Megan Cox        

Sorry about the shortness of my other comment, I was in a rush because we were going to Philadelphia to see the King Tut exhibit, an then I was gone the rest of the week at my uncle's in New Jersey(he doesn't have a computer). So, I waited all week to read it more slowly and try to memorize it. I'm sure when my friend Dawn joins she'll read them too, so you'll have another fan in no time! Great work! Thank you so much! Domo arigato!
Megan C.

        07-16-2007     Sam Hackel-Butt        

I came across Megan's comment in the approvals and thought I'd check this out. I remember checking out your previous lessons and thinking how cool it was that these words sound so different in different languages. I still have that impression. Like the format, like how you introduce more used words and such first. I do suggest moving all these lessons into book format to keep track of them more easily.

Of teh CC

        07-16-2007     Megan Cox        

Thank you! It may be a strange combination, but it will still prove to be useful in learning Japanese. Wooh! First hit, first comment, I feel special! Yay! I've been wondering about the colors, so that helps. So, thanks again!
Megan C.

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