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by Everett (dale) Pogue
copyright 09-09-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

Do not think light of it,
Men kill and fight for it.
When spilled on waters clean
it makes a silkened sheen
as life is choked and stilled.

It smokes the air and breath,
exhausted smell of death.
It sends our thirsty cars
to shopping malls and bars,
to places near and far.
"We can't survive without a car!"
But what about a global war?

Black, mucky substance of the earth
brought to the surface as a birth
of power and wealth, and self-esteem.
Fulfill a wish; complete a dream.

Was it placed here so we can steal,
and fight and kill - to turn a wheel?
Is that it's purpose? Creator's plan
for precious oil in the world of man?

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        10-27-2013     Mike Farr        

Dear Everett,

Oilís really not that bad, itís not just gunk to make folks mad, itís gooey sure, I see your point, but it needs to be to lube a joint.

A little squirt here, and a little squirt there, and your squeaky joints will no more blare.

Oilís for more than trucks and cars, itís also use up here in Oz.

Yours truly, The Tin Man

Just kidding Everett, I can truly see all your points, each time I pull up to the pump, and each time I turn on the news. You did a great write full of truth, looking forward to many more.

        10-19-2007     Praveen Agnihotri        

Good message!

Unfortunately, it is too big a temptation to swim against the flow.

        10-03-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

*approving nod* Oil, coal, and all the other fossil fuels damage our planet Earth and give most of us what we want, but is too often mixed with blood. I won't start my rant on the war in Iraq and it's effects on America (especially immigration) because that would make this page three times it's current size...

The flow was a little bumpy, but the ideas shined true. The topic was something everybody who gives a skaata has thought about. I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the title, but I enjoyed this piece.

Humans are destroying the word in countless ways, and the burning and attaining of oil is one of the lead reasons.

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        09-18-2007     Shannon Walter        

This peice is AMAZING!!! I am so for your poem I totally agree with everything you are saying. I am a total hippy and I am out to save the world!

Good JOb!!

        09-14-2007     Shannon Jaime        

Nice sardonic tone here. I especially like the first stanza, as it creates a striking contrast between water, something clear and pure, and oil, something dark and slick and tainted. In a way, those images seem to represent the discrepancies in the words and actions of recent politicians.

I agree with the previous comments. The repetition really grabbed my attention, as did the rhetorical questions. Will we ever discover the truth? Hopefully we will find the answers someday.

Great job all around!


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