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Lost In The Workshop Closet

by Everett (dale) Pogue
copyright 09-22-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

It hangs there alone in the workshop closet.
I cannot imagine what error would cause it
to be stuck in the dark like an unused tie.
Makes me want to quit rhyming and not even try
to dredge up subjects of interest to few;
but, hey, what else can an old coot do
when music and styles have long passed him by?
About the only thing left is to write of a tie.

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        10-16-2007     Samantha Powers        

I wonder what was in that closet, maybe something deep inside never to be unlocked, or found. Like something inperfect sealed away. Very nice write
I do wonder what it is, and it reminds me of a child with a toy, that he tires of and tosses it away
Your poem was short, and detailed which is what is so nice when I read short poetry, lately it all seems to be detailed, and marvelous
Indeed i like how you make it rhyme, and the end is someone just gives up and walks away, although at least they said bye. hehe
Nice poem
CC community

        10-02-2007     Walter Jones        

youth fits well into space written, my gun, my adventure, my vision, my idealistic look at country, my mark of who and what I was, each a tool for good and bad, all in their place, to be grabbed and used as needed, a bye as skill is not what it once was... a good write.. Walt

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