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Our Intimacy

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 09-25-2007

Age Rating: 7 +
Our Intimacy
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Though tragic was noble
Like theatrical Dionysian masks
Passions lost sand-castles felled
Yet, a life that surpassed it's death
A tryst that inspired love stories
Not even the most crippled of hearts
Dare sprinkle sad tears to its after-life

The street urchin shoots cocaine
The homeless slurp sour wine
I devour my dreams, today tomorrow and beyond
Unruffled, the light lives in darkness
And so, I turn, eye in a backward cast

Memory, a far away sleeping heron
With head beneath his wing

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        06-16-2009     Alan Reed        

Now with more experience and with more reading I think this write is more than marvelous. What talent you have, sir. This made my heart flutter and the piece made me think. That is what poetry does and thank you for teaching me something - including a lesson. Best -Alan

        05-07-2009     June Nazarian        

Richard - It's been a long time since I have read this one and it is as beautiful as ever. I do so understand the backward cast, cherished memories that live on in dreams, light in the darkness of today. Your words and images are masterful. Perfect other than the it's/its mistake. June

        05-06-2009     Alan Reed        

Very soft and subtle. The last line sums it up for me. Who has not seen and felt the image of the Heron, oblivious to the cold, park her head under shoulder simply to ponder the day's catch and tomorrow's adventure. The piece swoops over various themes. I enjoy thinking of what and how a tryst might inspire.

        01-31-2008     Sam Hackel-Butt        

This was so beautiful! I love everything about it, from the very first line to the very last image. I don't really know what else to add to everyone else's praise and comments; I agree with them all!
This will definitely remain with me for a long while.
Thank you!

        10-16-2007     Samantha Powers        

Wow, ok so after the 10th time reading it i still sort of didnt understand it so 30 times later...i think i finalyl have grasped what it means.
And yes a lot of people do horrible things, and the light always is hiding behind the door that locks it away. however there is more good then evil, and we will eventually help all those to find the light
Umm as for errors go, i cant even begin to try and see if there where errors or not considering i had a hard time reading it.
So to me, your meaning was very hidden however the words captured my attention and made me look for the meaning. This was a great poem, very short, and detailed
CC community

        10-07-2007     Everett (dale) Pogue        

Richard: The backward cast is always a part of such an event or events I heard you portraying.I know the great blue heron living near us is ever ready to strike a fish or frog even when appearing asleep. I loved the imagery throughout this piece. I even went to the dictionary to remind myself that Dionysus was an earlier Greek name for the god Bacchus. Anytime you send a reader to his dictionary you have done well! Thank You. Dale

        09-30-2007     Tiffany Forster        

So, after reading this, I have decided that you are clearly the master of metaphors, allusions, structure and great poetry all together.
There is so much about this that I love, the line where you write "I devour my dreams, today tomorrow and beyond" right after the image of street urchins and homeless is really powerful.
Also... brilliant ending (though, at first I did misread 'heron' as 'hero' and thought that was pretty cool what with the previous allusion to Dionysus).
*presents a single rose*

        09-26-2007     Frank Fields        

Sometimes a poet will draft a work for his/her own pleasure. Sometimes as a melancholy half-remembered dream of contrasts or what should and should not be. Those who would ask, "But what does it mean!?" must listen to their heart and mind. Very nicely done. Even if no more guidance is given other than to make us stop and think. A gift is given, that. Thank you. ^^

Frank :)

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