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Sailor Universe
Chapter 3 Dreams and Disclosures part 1

by Alexandra Spencer (Age: 27)
copyright 10-21-2007

Age Rating: 7 +

The week following Travis's arrival was relatively quiet. Relatively.

"I suppose it's too much to hope you have your homework, Serena." Miss Haruna said without paying too much attention as she passed her.

"Here it is Miss Haruna!" Serena grinned as she turned in the papers it had taken her so long to find that morning.

"Very good, Serena! And I noticed you were on time this morning, I hope your habits are improving!" Miss Haruna started muttering to herself as she turned away *Serena being on time 'and' doing her homework? The world must be coming to an end.*

"Hi guys" Serena called out as she dragged Travis up the steps of the temple. "About time you showed up, Meatball head." Raye called from the steps. "I didn't think even a new boyfriend could get you here in time."

"Travis, you've met Amy and Lita, these are the rest of my friends, the blonde is Mina and the sarcastic one is Raye." She walked up to Raye as she spoke "And he is NOT my boyfriend!" She shouted into her face.

"Okay, okay, sheesh" Raye muttered. "You sure spend enough time with him." "Meow" came commandingly from the white cat on Mina's shoulder. "Oh, yeah" Serena said, "he's Artemis."

"One question, Travis" Mina asked winningly "Would you really pour water on her?" Everyone listened intently for an answer.

"Of course! I must do all in my power to save her from the dreaded detention." Travis announced in ringing tones. "Not again," Serena sighed.

"I'm surprised you'd want to spend so much time with the hyena, here." Raye said.

"Hyena? You dare to denounce the fair lady's honour by describing her as such an uncouth beast? En garde!" He picked up a branch and waved it around like a sword. Everyone laughed.

Next Day.

"Hello Mrs. Tsukino, is Serena up?" Travis asked as he walked in the door. Early morning breakfasts at Serena's house had become common.

"I'm afraid I wasn't able to get her up this morning, Travis." Mrs. Tsukino said as she walked in from the kitchen. She was interested to see if Travis would do as he had threatened.

"Do you have a pitcher?" Travis asked grinning. She grinned as well as she handed it to him and showed him Serena's room. Mr. Tsukino added his grin to the group as he saw Travis outside his daughter's door with a pitcher of water. Travis went in.



"Sorry, Luna, I didn't see you there."

"Actually they needed an heir to get money from my grandfather's will. Most people weren't aware that they weren't my real parents." Travis announced to the Tsukino's at breakfast. "Time to go Serena. Do you have your homework?"

"It's right here." Serena announced as she gulped down one last piece of toast and they left.

"Your mother seems to get a little uptight whenever I talk about being adopted. Do you know why?" Travis asked as they walked to school.

"She's probably afraid I'll figure out that I'm adopted. She's never said a word about it, so I think she doesn't want me to know. Of course I've known since I did a family tree in third grade." She smiled at Travis, "It doesn't take a genius to realize it is not possible for there to be a blond in the family when there hasn't ever been one before."

"You could be a mutation."
Serena stuck out her tongue at him. "I found my adoption papers two years ago when I was searching for my birthday present."

"It doesn't bother you?" Travis asked seriously.

Serena answered just as seriously. "Families are made of love, Travis, my family loves me. Nothing else matters." Then she spoiled her suddenly mature pose by giggling "Besides as long as the others don't know, I get to be the only one with a normal family."

"WHOA! What a cool house! And you live here all alone!" Serena stared in awe at the mansion that stood in front of her.

"Most of the time, when my guardian is out of the country. He trusts me." Travis fell back into his joking mode. "Follow, fair lady as I show you my
humble abode."

HA HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEE HOHHOHOHO! Travis shook his head. *Now I know why Raye called her a hyena, she does laugh like one. Reminder to self, next time hide the comics.*

"What is that?" Serena screeched. She ducked behind Travis as a large falcon dropped down onto his upheld wrist.

"This? This is a golden falcon. He's my guardian's. His name is Apollo." Travis looked at the cowering girl. "Don't be such a baby, he's not going to hurt you. Just...don't tell anyone about him, okay? I don't think its quite legal to have one of these." However it was obvious that Serena had already forgotten about the falcon.

"How come you always call him your guardian, instead of by his name?" Serena asked quizically. "I don't think I've ever heard his name, isn't that weird?"

"I just didn't think it was important." *Besides I didn't want you to get into another wailing fit* Travis took a deep breath, threw Apollo into the air, shot a warning glance at Luna, who was trying her best to stay out of the falcon's eyesight (having heard that falcons had been known to eat kittens) and said it. "His name is Darien Jacobson." "Darien? WHHAAAAAAAAHHHHH I miss my Darien! When is he coming home?" Serena immediately started crying when she heard the name. Apollo, who had been circling, screeched and flew straight away from the awful noise. Travis had covered his ears even as he said the name. After only a couple days, he knew the response he would get if anything reminded her of her ex.

"Hi Reenie," Travis said as he saw the distinctive pink hair and floating ball of the child in front of him. "I thought you weren't supposed to be by yourself." Several times over the past week, Serena had been required to watch Reenie and Travis knew of her fear of letting Reenie be alone, although he had never gotten the exact reason from her.

"Hi Travis," Reenie replied, the two had become friends over the early morning breakfasts. "I thought 'you' weren't supposed to be by yourself, from the amount of time you spend with Serena."

"Serena had a meeting with the other girls this afternoon. Do you want to do something?" Travis slowed down so the little girl didn't have any trouble keeping up. "There's that ice cream place just down this hill, you do like ice cream, don't you? Besides, then you can brag to Serena that you got me to buy it for you. I'll bet she would be jealous."

"Yeah! Let's!" Reenie didn't hesitate as she skipped along next to Travis. She knew Serena trusted him, and for once Reenie agreed with her.

"91!!!! I got a 91! YAHOOOO!" Serena threw her arms around Travis. "Thank you! Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you! YES!! I can't wait to show this to mom."

"I know you're glad of the grade, Serena and it 'should' make you proud, but please save the shouting until you get out of school." Miss Haruna said just as the last bell sounded. She sat down quickly once the students left the classroom. She couldn't believe it either.

She had checked the test three times and separated Serena and Travis before the test. "I was right on Tuesday! Serena was on time every day this week, had her homework and it was right, 'and' got a B on a test. The world 'is' coming to an end!".

Sunday Afternoon A space ship above Tokyo

"Rubeus" a voice called from the darkness.

"Yes Wiseman?" a second voice answered as Rubeus turned from the portal he had been watching.
"I have the dreams ready, send down your droid." The Wiseman chuckled as he waved his hands above his ever present crystal ball. Things had been going
well in the future, the protectors of the Crystal Palace were losing energy, they wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Even if this didn't destroy them in this time.

"Droid Hurricane," Rubeus called forth a new droid. "Go down to Earth and destroy the Sailor Scouts."

"Yes Master," a breathy voice answered as the blue skinned droid turned into a miniature tornado and flew into the middle of downtown Tokyo. "We can watch from this viewing portal." Rubeus said moving to one of the archways that looked down on Tokyo.

Raye and Mina were window shopping. "Good thing Serena isn't here," Mina said passing a chocolate store. "We would never get her out of there."
"Ain't that the truth," Raye agreed, "Where is she anyway? Still in bed trying to sleep off a week of getting up early? I would've thought you'd ask her to join us." "I did," Mina announced, "when I saw her at '8:30' this morning. You know we should give Travis a medal, he had actually talked her into going jogging this morning!"

"I think she's spending way too much time with Travis. For a girl who's sure she can't live without her 'one true love' she sure didn't waste any time finding a new guy!" Raye's sarcasm covered over a true feeling of betrayal. She had given Darien up to Serena because she knew that they were meant to be together. To see her with another boy after 'that' anguish was a little much.

"They do seem to be together an awful lot, don't they? In fact she's going over to his house this afternoon, that's why she's not with us. I did hear something interesting about him, though. Wanna hear it?" Mina looked at Raye out of the corner of her eye. Although Raye pretended to be above such things because she was a priestess, Mina knew Raye was almost as big a gossip as her and Lita.

"What could be interesting about him?" Raye asked grumpily. "Is he incredibly rich or something?"

"Actually, yes he is, he lives in one of those mansions on the hill and he lives there practically alone. But that's not the interesting thing." Mina was smiling to herself. She was going to make Raye beg for this tidy bit.

"What else could possibly be interesting about him? Let me guess, he has a girlfriend he hasn't told Serena about and she's going to get her heart broken again?"

Mina looked sharply at Raye, it sounded like Raye almost hoped for that to happen. *Nah, couldn't be. She was just being sarcastic like usual.* "I heard, from a very reliable source, that when Travis eats at the Tsukino house, he eats as much 'and' as fast as Serena!"

"You're kidding! That's not possi.." Raye was stopped by sounds of screaming from around the corner. "This sounds bad, we'd better check it out." The two girls peeked around the corner. "Another droid, oh well, we've had a week without one, I was actually getting a little bored. I was afraid Rubeus had given up. You'd better call the others, I'm going to give this Negatrash a piece of my mind."


"Wait up, Mars!" Mina exclaimed as she pushed the 'all call' on her communicator. "There's a droid attacking downtown, me and Mars are already here and will hold it until you get here." She pulls out her transformation wand. "VENUS STAR POWER" In a house on a hill, Serena looked in disgust at her watch as it beeped. She had been in the middle of an excellent video game, and the beeping had made her die. She sighed.

"What's that, Serena? Did you have something to do that you forgot about?" Travis asked interested. If her watch alarm could always get her attention like that why didn't she use it more often?

"Um...yeah! Something I forgot, you know my memory. It's very important, I got to go. Look I'll see you in the morning alright." Serena babbled as she
ran out the door.

Travis looked after her for a moment, then saw Serena's books sitting next to him on the couch, they'd planned to do some studying later. *I'd better get these to her or she'll use not having them as an excuse for getting a bad grade.* He set off after her.

He reached the front door in time to see her look around carefully. Surprised by this, he watched from the window as she looked around once more and raised her hand to her face. *She seems to be talking to her wrist? I know she's weird but this goes a little far.* Then he just stared in shock as he heard the last words she spoke.

"I'll be right there. MOON CRYSTAL POWER" Travis stared in utter disbelief as the transformation overtook her. Where Serena had stood was now a girl dressed in a shorter version of her normal school uniform, but this was no ordinary girl. Even in America, Travis had heard of the Sailor Scouts. He was an avid fan, collecting all the information on them he could, and the idea that clumsy, forgetful Serena! was Sailor Moon was impossible to believe.

As Sailor Moon ran out the front gate, Travis followed. He didn't plan to, he hadn't even thought about it, but his brain had been knocked for a loop with the new information and his body took over and ran after the receding Scout. Travis heard the sounds of battle coming from in front of him. Sailor Moon had just blasted around the corner full speed, but Travis had regained control of himself by this time and stopped at the corner to peek around it.

After looking at the destruction that had already been caused, he was very glad he did. The other Sailor Scouts were already there; faced off against a weird monster with blue skin, white hair and no legs. Where her legs should be there was a twister. As he watched, a blast of air came from her hands and hit Sailor Mars.

"Mars!" Sailor Moon cried out. "You're going to pay for that, Nega-slime! I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice! For disturbing people and ruining shopping trips, I will punish you!" She stood there thinking for a moment "Oh, yeah, I knew I had forgotten something. In the name of the Moon I will right wrongs and triumph over evil. And that means you."

Travis dropped his head into his hands, the Scouts weren't much better. "About time you showed up, Sailor Moon! What took you so long?" Travis looked up sharply at that, he knew that voice, had heard it say almost those exact same words before. *Raye! Sailor Mars has 'got' to be Raye! Nobody else talks to Serena like that. Then the others must be, yep there's Amy as Mercury, Lita is Jupiter I should have guessed, and that leaves Mina as Venus. I 'cannot' believe this.* He sat back to watch the action.

"MERCURY ICE STORM SPLASH" Mercury called out, power coming from her hands in a visible wave of cold. The droid started spinning faster, creating a wall of wind in front of her, the ice storm hit Hurrica's wind wall and left, faster than it came, heading straight at Sailor Moon. When the cold hit her, she was thrown backwards, her skin turning almost as blue as the droid's from cold. "Oh, Sailor Moon, I'm so sorry!" Mercury cried out as she ran over to her frozen friend.

"You're gonna pay for that, monster." Sailor Mars yelled at the droid, "Let's see how you deal with fire! MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND" she shouted and circles of fire headed straight for the droid. Unfortunately, the droid had no more trouble with fire than she did with ice. In a repeat of her earlier move, the wind wall came up and the fires were deflected ... at Sailor Moon! Mars desperately tried to call back her flames as they arced towards her leader. To no avail. Sailor Moon's screams attested to that.

Mercury pulled Sailor Moon behind a collection of garbage cans as she desperately tried to find out how much damage had been done. She was very surprised at what she discovered. The two attacks had pretty much cancelled each other out! The ice attack had not had enough time to really freeze her before the fire had thawed her out, and the ice in her system kept the fire from doing much damage. Although she was in a lot of pain, it was nothing dangerous! Sailor Mercury sighed in relief.

"Mercury, how is she?" Sailor Jupiter called out as soon as she reappeared. Behind the corner, Travis waited as breathlessly for the report as the Scouts did. It had been all he could do not to go running to try to save her when he saw her attacked. He would have gone to her, if he didn't know that all he could do would be to distract the Scouts at a time when they needed all their attention on the enemy. He drooped in relief as he heard Amy's answer.

"She'll be fine. The two attacks reacted favourably with each other and cancelled each other out." Sailor Mercury came forward as she spoke, her computer and visor working to find a weak spot in this monster before anyone else got hurt. "Sailor Venus, try your attack at her, you're attack is solid so the wind wall shouldn't be able to stop it. I would suggest, however, that everyone else get ready to jump, just in case."

"All right. VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE" The chain was caught up in the wind wall, but instead of shooting back out just circled the droid. When the droid dropped the wall the chain collapsed inward, catching her and dropping her to the ground.

"Now!" Jupiter cried using her own technique before Hurrica could recover. "JUPITER THUNDERCLAP ZAP" was quickly joined by "MERCURY ICE STORM SPLASH" and "MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND." The three attacks hit the droid one right after the other.

"No," the droid screamed, "you can't kill me!" She tried to get her wind powers back up but before she could "MOON SCEPTER ELIMINATION" and a beam of light turned her into dust.

"Sailor Moon, are you okay?" Sailor Mars's voice was uncharacteristically worried, but Sailor Moon didn't notice.

"Yes, I am, no thanks to you! I know you don't like me much, 'pyro', but you didn't have to fry me!" Sailor Moon turned around and walked away wailing.

"Huh, try to be nice and what does she do?" Sailor Mars muttered, turning back to the others. "Aren't we supposed to be shopping? Let's get to it."

"I wonder why the droid was here," Mercury muttered to herself. "What did you say, Mercury?" Jupiter asked as she separated from Mars and Venus, who were trying to find somewhere to detransform without anyone seeing them.

"I said, why did that droid attack like this. It wasn't after energy, it wasn't after a particular place, and it wasn't after Reenie. It doesn't make any sense." Mercury still had her computer out trying to scan 'something' that would make the attack make sense.

"Who cares why it was here. As Sailor Moon would say, it's moon dust, so why worry?" Sailor Jupiter pulled Mercury away from the scene as more people came out of hiding. "We need to get out of here before people start asking questions. Let's go."

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        01-29-2008     Jordan Screws        

This is a pretty good chapter. For one thing, you have begun to separate the paragraphs each time a character speaks, which is a big help. You are also adding more detail without swamping the reader, which is also helpful. You also told more about the mysterious Travis and his life, which is also great. The most interesting thing is that in your version of the tale Serena is adopted... I could never have anticipated that one. I even liked how you continued the breakfast conversations and used them to reveal a bit more about Travis' life... that is a clever move on your part!

If there is any complaint, I would have liked a sort of segue where the villains either bemoan the latest setback or say how it was all part of the master plan, but I believe the latter is in effect here. You may have saved that for the introduction of the next chapter, so it is no big deal. Maybe it is just a bit of impatience on my part... but anyway, you did a good job with this. Keep up the good work!

        11-14-2007     Alma Hulbert        

Whooo! Another long chapter! It was a tad long, and that was okay. I liked how you started putting the different conversations in different paragraphs. I just remembered you did that before, but not as much. You're improving! I was starting to think more about Travis. How come his guardian is always away, even though (I think) one of the agreements of an adopter is always there. Then I asked myself (again) why is he getting so close to Serena, maybe he is the bad guy. Then I read that he didn't know that Serena was Sailor Moon and followed her to the action. Then it hit me, wouldn't someone sense his presence, like Sailor Mars for example. I noticed that Travis woke Serena up early for a whole week and helped her do you homework for a whole week, and in that week, no Droids attacked. Next thing you know, some shoplifter comes by and freezes Sailor Moon. Then again, he comes by to watch. I've always felt suspicious of Travis, I don't know why. Well, I'll get to your other chapters whenever I can. You are getting really good. I know the best is yet to come. Talk to you later.
~Alma H.

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