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Can I Be Loved?

by Lauren Turner
copyright 12-12-2007

Age Rating: 7 +
Can I Be Loved?

Do I deserve it?
Does he silently wish
for me to take a glance at him?
How could he love someone so childish?

Can I love?
Do I have the ability?

Does he look at me fondly?
I can't tell.
Will he keep it inside?
He might as well.

Can I return the feeling?
Do I have the ability?

Feelings of love
I can't understand.
What's it like to kiss?
What's it like to hold hands?

His eyes say something else
"I love you"
What does it mean?
What do I do?

Can I be loved?
Does someone have that ability?

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        06-04-2010     Emily Valle        

This was sweet in a way. All the questions that go through your mind when you're trying to figure something as intricate and complicated as love out. It can be so hard to answer those questions and it can be scary to find out. This poem conveyed the innocence of those nervous new feelings.

        05-03-2010     phantomwrays        

I really enjoyed this as that's something that I can relate to. The "Do I deserve it?" and the "Can I return the feeling?" This is a very good poem as it raises questions that I think we all have inside.
Good write.

        11-07-2009     Alan Reed        

I think everyone, at some point, asks the same question - over and over. The real answer is another question - can I love? For if you can love, know the difference between love and infatuation - then you surely can be loved and can return it spontaneously. - My two cents worth. Thank you for the thought. It is meaningful. -Alan :-)

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