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by Cecilia Appleton
copyright 01-27-2008

Age Rating: 16 +

Who's standards am I supposed to live up to now? I left home for love and a life with my OWN limits. But who's standards are standard now? Do I live up to his, his family's, mine, or none? Are there general standards of behavior? Now it feels like I'm STILL supposed to please everybody! Where can I take solace if the one I want to take it in isn't anywhere near, and won't let me? When everyone gets upset they seem to target on taking it out on me! I know the world isn't out to get me, there are good times but the bad don't need to be so often, or at least so BAD! I hope this isn't like this for long.... I just want to be with him and make him happy, and keep his family content. Is that possible? Who can say?


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        03-31-2008     Susan Brown        

I love the way you screamed own! My youngest goes 18 on the fools day (April 1) and this sounds very familiar to what she might say to me given similar circumstances. As she has been known to remind me, this is her life. Your voice (if this is your event)has such strong character ringing out in these lines. I hope you continue to write and fill the majority of your time with your work as what a star is bursting from this page. I want to scream talent!

        02-25-2008     Wayne Thomas        

Very well done, and such a different format! If this piece is really autobiographical I hope things work out for the best. Life has plenty of ins and outs, but as long as we keep slogging along and bearing our own load of responsibility, at least we'll be OK in the long run. If only it didn't hurt so much in the present! You have the makings of a good writer. Hope to hear more from you.

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