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The Knowledge Giver

by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli (Age: 30)
copyright 02-24-2008

Age Rating: 1 +

This poem is written for and dedicated to Bethany Kletzli, who herself, is working to become a Knowledge Giver.

The gift of knowledge
is a gift that we cherish...
A gift that we all must have.
To teach is to give knowledge.
To give out knowledge
is to ensure the future.

To ensure the future,
one must start out young.
The earlier one would start,
the easier one would learn.
This is the dedication
of The Knowledge Giver.

The Knowledge Giver
is one who aspires
to pass knowledge to young ones,
to ensure the future...
To make the greatest impact,
so the young ones can succeed.

So the gift of knowledge
is a gift that we all need.
And The Knowledge Giver
starts us out when we are young
so that we can grow up
to be Knowledge Givers too.

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        11-12-2008     Treena Turner        

This poem has extreme potential to sky rocket through the roof with absolute bluster-if as some have mentioned you search your heart- to dig your soul- and reach into those pockets of truth- to find the words to embrace your passion on this one.

        10-25-2008     Frank Fields        

This presentation moves a little bit more quickly than I remember the first presentation, but not fast enough to allow the meaning to be recognized. The punctuation, now, which you originally questioned, isn't distracting. It still has something of a narrative quality, but nothing that I would recommend changing. Your "child" is now dressed properly for presentation to the world. ^^

Frank :)

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