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Infanticipating? Congratulations!

by Betty Eskdale (Age: 72)
copyright 10-28-2001

Age Rating: 10 +

Bless Mom and Dad-to be, Bless Baby too
I'm wishing all the best for you.
May Baby be smart and sweet and fair,
Quick of wit and fast to share.
May Baby have a love of life,
Pride in toil and strength in strife,
And also have a sense of humor,
Sense enough to ignore a rumor.
And be by all the virtues kissed,
For there are many I have missed,
And may you all ecstatic be
Because you'll be a family.

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        11-08-2001     Betty Eskdale        

Ouch, my poor baby, give him a nice carrot for me and a scritch, don't tell me when as I don't want to go through sympathy pains....

        11-07-2001     M.E. (Bunny) Eastveld        

Well done, Boog. But, I'm not infanticipating...I'm contemplating gelding 2bits, Bunny

        11-02-2001     John Mcleod        

Betty, I love the title, and what a great read too.


        10-31-2001     Betty Eskdale        

Thank you, David and Beverley!! I am touched that you would write such a lovely comment! I think I am blessed...and one of the blessings is people like you....

        10-30-2001     Beverley McInnis        

Beautiful poem!

        10-29-2001     Betty Eskdale        

Thank you so much M.J. and Bob. I really appreciate that. I am very much a romantic, and becoming more so as I get older...

        10-29-2001     Bob Church        


This is a very nice poem. I love "infanticipating". I remember my own joy at first hearing such news. I especially liked "and be by all the virtues kissed". Nice job!

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