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by Shannon Jaime
copyright 04-02-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

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This poem was inspired by a very vague, very complex stream of ideas and images. So I simply say: Interpret as you will.

* * * * * 

Your laughter knelled
For time always,
And I wanted to follow
Freely, skyward, though
Elsewhere is ever
My anchor of the deep.

My wings were not wings
Or what wings should be,
And I fell, soundless,
A dandelion dream,
Swiftly, with the
Heat of sundrops all around.

Tear upon tier,
Psalms sunk like fire stones
Into skeps sand-scathed;
Away the sweetness climbs,
Cloyingly, to sate
The gilded avarice.

Mortal, mortal am I,
To trickle, brazen, like truth
From silted crevices,
A clotted scarlet sip:
Spilling forth, faithless,
Sterling spite thus slaked.

This hunger, savorless,
Acrid now and aching then,
So hollow, hard done by:
Hewed harsh, like holy tome,
And left to fester still
In lacunae of limb.

My skin cracks like
A lonely desert wall;
Stinging, salt-steeped,
Bitter as the berry brine,
Here holding fast to caram crown:
A carcass honeycomb.

The laughter lanced
In perpetuity,
And it hurt like hate to know:
Truly, doubtless, these
Manacles were mine to bear.
“Dyed kites of kings
Are fairly strung!”—
So said the shackles unto me.

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        02-20-2013     Frank Fields        

Absorb the value, fill the cup. As it was when first penned, it needs no analysis but its own.

Frank :)

        02-18-2013     Rachel Brown        

A simply gorgeous flow of words from every stanza and it touches my heart to read such great poetry.
Its amazing to know that beautiful poets are still
around to this day I moves me.

        11-28-2011     Frank Fields        

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