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Silver Strands Of Gold

by Frank Fields
copyright 04-03-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

Art treading 'pon this Golden Hour
These strands of silver, softly spun
Hold tight this fragile glass of Time
Each passing grain of Time is dear
Each moment gently sung--its own.

But where am I on passing grains
Above, below, just passing through?
The voyage yet is honey sung
In celebration of what was,
What is, and what is still ahead.

As the curious merchant looks
Around to spot the palm that is
Well-filled with gold or crystal belt
But finding none sees silver bells
In snow white feathers of my doves.

Looking out sees lonely lovers
Longing towards the listless sea
Hearing children's peals of laughter
Tinkling against Time's crystal and
Softly sifted sands of my journey.

And like the honeyed morning dew
Clings to the honeysuckle vine
White doves give gift of silver pure
To passing lovers at the sea
Treading on my Golden Hour.

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        01-06-2014     Walter Jones        

In time long gone I find the words echo in a tired mind for gold and silver hold not a candle to love and smiling faces, it is the truth of pure happiness, yet we search for one and leave the other on the vine lower to the ground, ages gift is that of seeing and plucking before death consumes us, my friend your writing is such a gift, thank you.. Walt

        07-07-2008     Brooke Marquette        

Beautifully written...stunning imagry...brillinat write. this was full of such beautiful words that I could see pictures with each stanza...another gorgeous one of your peoms!
Keep up this amazing work! A flawless write once again!!!

        04-05-2008     Lauren Turner        

Once more, you've placed such lovely images in my mind. I'm guessing this one is about time, and it might be that I'm not the brightest blub in the box, so I'm just guessing xD.
I loved the flow and the style. You picked a topic that seemed to fly right over my head, but I'm only 14 so thats okay. Keep writing!!!

        04-04-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

You have outdone yourself again. this is incredibly moving. Your poetry seems to have picked up a bit more emotion than past times.
It's good this is one of your classics, a real keeper.
Technically good form, structure, etc.
I can find nothing wrong.


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