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High on Wrangell Mountain

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 04-07-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

High on Wrangell Mountain
A gray-haired, blue-eyed man
Stared at the body beneath him
Stared at the knife in his hand
Dug a grave with the cold steel blade
Laid the young woman to rest
Washed the blood from his bleeding hands
While hoping out loud for the best.

High on Wrangell Mountain
The old man knelt in prayer
Prayed for his hands and the victim's soul
Prayed to the God who cared
Claimed he didn't mean it
As though the judge would hear
It was all in the heat of a moment, he said,
A moment of pain and fear.

High on Wrangell Mountain
The dark-eyed sheriff trod
To the foot of the pass where an older man
Forsaken by man and God
cried when the cuffs snapped round his wrist
cried in the sheriff's car
"...and can you tell me your name, sir?
Can you tell me where we are?"

"We're leaving Wrangell Mountain"
He bowed his head and said
"We're leaving the place where the pine trees grow
"Where a woman lies cold and dead.
"We're leaving Wrangell Mountain
"Where the siummer breezes blow
"Where I killed with a knife my love and my life
"Now I've nowhere left to go."

It was far from Wrangell Mountain
Where the tears began to flow
Where the old man walked with a halting step
Where the bitter breezes blow
Where the eagle flies in azure skies
Where the beautiful sleeps in death
"...and I loved you with all my soul," said he
As he breathed his final breath.

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        04-15-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

BBBrrrrr, very chilly story. turns the blood in my veins to ice, and How well you wrote it with such powerful images. It was almost like watching a movie. Rhymes were good, rhythm good.

Edgar Allen Poe is still among us!

Great job,


        04-10-2008     Frank Fields        

This is what a master will do to you, if you aren't careful. Spin the words, to tell the tale of sorrow, love and hate. And in the end, your mind twists 'round, and feels small pity if any at all, for the innocent killed.

"Tis murder," the jury cried. Your mind answers, "justified!"

It is good I think that writers with such skills and talents, are found on our side.

Frank :)

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