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Always and Forever or Never

by Melissa Adams (Age: 35)
copyright 04-08-2008

Age Rating: 18 +

I thought we would be together always and forever.
But all you fed me were lies.

I tried to work so hard so that we could be,
but you were biding your time.

Always and forever I will live with this scar,
deep down to where no one can see.

Always and forever you have made me wary of any man who will try to get close to me.

Trust is a fragile thing and you took mine for a wild ride.
Hiding who you really were deep inside.

Now I am numb and feel like I am dying inside.
All because of your stupid pride.

Always and forever or Never.

Never should have trusted you the second time.

Your lies were unsought, like the ring that you bought.

But on another hand it will shine, always and forever.

I will live with your memory.
It sleeps in the other room.
Crying out softly when it awakens.
Never will you know it.

I pray that you are happy with her,
but your deceit to me shall be remembered.

Not by me, but one who sees everything.

Always and Forever.

~this is written for the one who left me in a time of need~

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        07-27-2014     Jeff Holt        

A poem written in proverbial emotional blood flowing straight from the heart.
I read the Hearth ache and self anger of trust trampled upon, reverberating off empty walls.
Well Done,,wish I could say I did not understand your pain.

        03-14-2014     Walter Jones        

It is the sound bouncing off walls, tears full in bloom, for it is the hurt of time spent emotion wasted, yet expectations left to lay dormant, age and mind push forward, all is open, we grow in spite of, betrayal a pain left in reminder, wise in growth, feed it not, just write and share the open and trusting heart.. Walt

        01-08-2014     Rachel Brown        

This poem is a tapestry that holds
a place in my heart as I think we all go through the motions as if life would never end.
I love how you enriched your pain and anger at the one who left you in a time of need.
You did well writing this poem dear friend .
Thanks for sharing this with us .

        03-17-2010     Emily Valle        

This meant a lot to me personally.
You expressed emotion and the way things feel perfectly. I loved "Always and forever I will live with this scar,
deep down to where no one can see."
It's true. Not many people see the battle wounds and bruises that are within.
But this poem helped show them.
Good work!

        11-03-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

This is truly a charmingly written piece of literary art that had me emotionally affected at verse number one.You have a special gift of writing whereby you can successfully convey your emotions in a civil manner that works,looks and sounds great in writing.You are a talented and gifted writer that will cause me to continue reading your marvelous work.Sincerely,Eric

        11-22-2008     BJ Niktabe        

Too many of us have felt the pain of betrayal that you've written about. Reading this piece brought back memories of the pain felt so long ago, pain I thought was forgotten.

It never goes away, even if it never rises again to your thoughts. It helps make us who we are today.

I do agree with Rich when he said, "...My one suggestion would be to cut the large lines into smaller lines.That would make for
better rhythm, reading, and breathing..."

        06-01-2008     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

If it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. Life does not go how we plan at times and what others do to our trust is sad, but you cannot change yourself, if you like who you are.We love, we get hurt and we love again, but to not trust someone because someone else lied is not going to help us. Be careful, but don't change who you are. Nice write for bringing out conversations. Anthony

        05-25-2008     Wayne Thomas        

As it stands, this is a piece well done. I'm a stickler, however, for imagery, and getting as many of our senses as possible into a poem. You might think of how to use some of that if you decide to do a rewrite. I think that would help the poem hit home a little harder. Look forward to more.

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