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My Chest Of Treasures

by Frank Fields
copyright 04-10-2008

Age Rating: 10 +
My Chest Of Treasures
Picture Credits: Artist: Waterhouse

Old oaken chest, cedar lined.
Once bright, brass fittings
At corners and around, with
Hasp of brass, hinges too
And helpers holding--strong
Leather straps with ancient

But where's the lock to
Hold and hide the hiding
Treasures held within.
Who holds the magick key
To unlock this mystery
Of chest well-held with nary
Lock, but with a key?

Look close and peer within;
Open up this curious chest
That glides on silent hinges
Finding treasure bright
Better than the golden jewels
Or silver diamonds so
Well held and hid.

Greedy merchants will not find
Their way into this chest
Nor nightly thieves that take
What isn't theirs, but yours.
This is a gift, this key
That freely given, unlocks
The doors.

This was my chest, now yours,
Use it well and wisely, knowing
Always--you are the banker now.
Give loans generously and worry
Not of the return in kind--
Your chest will never empty
To riches great.

This, then, my treasure unto you--
A lifetime's worth of words
Each one loved and held, polished
Gently until its lustre showed
Awaiting your commands and dreams
Give others what you've received
This day.

And on tomorrow's morrow or
Perhaps the next, with my return
I will expect the treasure
To have grown and be more softly
Polished still

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        04-20-2008     Mike Gallimore        

People often ask me why I collect books instead of borrowing them from the library; and my answer is that I choose my books with care, knowing that someday they will pass to the next generation. And I can think of nothing else that will say more about who I was, or what I thought was important, than a library assembled over the course of a lifetime -- not because the books were expensive editions or fine examples of the bookbinder's craft, but because of the ideas they contained. I lack only the cedar chest in which to bestow them, but perhaps I can remedy that. Very nice (and thoughtful) poem!

        04-13-2008     Susan Brown        

Cedar lined suggests it smells as good as it looks. Beautiful painting captured the ideas you left on the lines, in this story. Treasure is great fun to find and I'm with you...all the better when shared, then eventually passed, so it continues to be found.

Another thinking poem.

        04-13-2008     Walter Jones        

No words I own, for in voice as clear as time itself, you mark the poet and the man, artist, shared all, eyes closed, the echo still rings, special the gift, more the thought being carried.. Walt

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