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Evil Eye

by June Nazarian
copyright 05-05-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Evil eye,
Your humble servant
Awaits your gaze
Seize your prey
Allow no good fortune
Lest you perish

Evil eye
Enter my house
Adorn each corner
With delicious decadence
Fill me with greed and lust
The fires of ecstasy

Evil I, at last
I'm yours
Rendered lusciously discordant
Spit me to wallow
In your fertile soil

What is this I see
As I decay?
The Devil slain
By Virtue's dance
In cyclonic energy birthed
An I for an eye

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        02-23-2013     Rachel Brown        

This tapestry is dark very dark indeed and it is indeed one of the finest pieces I've read in a while.
The ebb and flow of the words move me
and bring about dark thoughts.

        09-19-2008     Nancy Pawley        

Evil Eye slowly evolving into Evil I....a warning to keep our hearts and souls from being exposed to the death and decay of modern society, while allowing the light and truth of virtue to shine forth. Fantastic poem here, June.

        05-26-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

This is your best poem to date IMHO. The piece should reside on the top of your "best" pile. It's a very entertaining poem, and yes somewhat spooky. The closing was a most clever idea and an excellent arrangement of words.
No salty pen could find any nits here.

Excellent Work!

Your hubby,


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