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by Jade Luke
copyright 05-07-2008

Age Rating: 1 +

Some read a poem and say it's pretty.
Others laugh and call it witty.
But to understand a poem for real,
You must be able to feel.

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Total Reads: 1323

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        07-11-2011     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 329
Total Reads: 400
Comments: 17

        01-05-2011     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 234
Total Reads: 305
Comments: 16

        04-28-2010     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 131
Total Reads: 200
Comments: 15

        12-19-2009     Rodger Moyer        

Hi Jade, This is a wonderful poem expressing what poets try to convey in words. Yes it's feelings from words and word combinations. I really liked your poem and look forward to reading more of your work.
Regards, Rodger

        11-25-2009     Frank Fields        

Visitor Reads: 63
Total Reads: 120
Comments: 13

Those are really impressive. Usually the visitor reads outweigh the member reads. I think.

Just came back to take a look, and see if things still looked the same. They don't. Or maybe it's my perspective, a year later. I think I've been changed by PnP quite a bit, really. For the better, I hope.

And it's works like this one, that seem so simple, but in reality, if considered properly, contain the major truth of what we are all about, here.

Thank you for YOUR talent and YOUR wisdom. Truly. ^_^

Frank :)

        11-11-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Very nice start of a wonderful poem. One must feel as you say and be able to write what they feel. You definitely are on the right track. I know you can write more as your talent shows in the four lines you wrote. I will be waiting to hear more. I sure you have lots of things inside just waiting to come out. Great poem.

        10-23-2009     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 46
Total Reads: 100
Comments: 11

        10-18-2009     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This was a cute little poem! For only working with four lines, you conveyed a lot in them. The simple definition of poetry yet profound ending note made t his a good composition. The rhyme scheme was a nice touch, too.

Good work, keep writing!


        09-16-2009     Cynthia Baello        

How definitely true and honest, poems are about feelings and some words "feel" different to others
as those whoe read poems feel differently. I like the presentation you made, not mushy, just plain frankness.

        09-11-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

To feel and to be able to put it to words. We mostly all think on subjects that we have done, been, or are in process of doing at one time or the other. To be able to put it all in words to make it beautiful like a melody in a song with words and feeling are the true art of talent.
I feel you are on the right train to that station. Best of luck. Mae

        09-10-2009     Alan Reed        

Yes, my dear. Right on. You hit me -- as I am now studying using both sides of the brain. You must have good faculty of both to be a good reader and one overpowers the other a bit to be a great writer. You gotta feel. At least that is what my limited research and life tells me. Bravo. Keep it up! Warm regards, -Alan

        09-09-2009     June Nazarian        

Jade, how true it is. To my way of thinking, nothing in life can be fully understood without that "feeling" component. Your poem is pretty, witty, and I felt the message. Very well done....June

        08-29-2009     Wayne Thomas        

My philosophy exactly. If there's no "feel", no matter what elsee there may be, it somehow falls short of being a poem. Some people always want a piece to be longer. I disagreee in this case. It stands up, says it's hard-hitting piece, then sits down. Perfect. And I'm just the kind of guy to ask you to read a few of my poems and see if they have the "feel". Thanks for a great little piece.

        08-18-2009     Samantha Powers        

haha that pretty much sums it up. what is sad is most of the comments are longer then it lol.
It is very true hmmm i dunno tho its almost like a quote yet it could be a very short childrens story.. jk lol
i really really like it but it could use maybe just one or to more lines I just felt like a little something was missing..but then again i guess poetry is supposed to be a mystery then huh?

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