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Bleeding Soul

by Brooke Marquette (Age: 26)
copyright 05-23-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Do you hide behind a mask?
So people cannot see?
Do you act like someone else?
Someone you could never be?

Does the pain reach deep?
Tearing up your heart?
Slowly killing your soul
ripping you apart...

Every single day
Deep inside
I try to hide the pain
I still don't want to realize

Bleeding soul
Stuck inside me
Screaming and pulling
Wanting to be free

But I realize now...
that bleeding screaming soul
is really me

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        10-20-2013     Rachel Brown        

A heart wrenching poem such as
this is really quite touching indeed. I cannot wait to read more poetry from you. I really enjoyed the reading of this poem. Its touched my soul deeply and is really quite well written indeed. I love it .
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.

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