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Why? Why? Why?

by Everett (dale) Pogue
copyright 07-28-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Why does the wind blow, blow, blow?
Why does the rooster crow, crow, crow?
Why does the weed grow, grow, grow?
I know you don't know, know, know.

Why do the nations fight, fight, fight?
Why can't we make wrongs right, right, right?
Why does evil like night, night, night?
I know you don't know, know, know.

Why do we have to have cars, cars, cars?
Who cares if there is life on Mars, Mars, Mars?
What's the appeal of chocolate bars, bars, bars?
I know you don't know, know, know.

Why do days pass so fast, fast, fast?
And we tend to live in the past, past, past
As we know that today might not last, last, last.
I know you don't know, know, know.

Why have we been given a soul, soul, soul?
And there still awaits a goal, goal, goal
Beyond that earthly hole, hole, hole.
I think for sure that I know, know, know.

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        08-25-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Everett,

This style is neat, neat, neat,
The way you placed it on the sheet, sheet, sheet,
Very creative indeed, with an excellent message,
I think it could be made into a song,
God bless,

        07-29-2008     Frank Fields        

While not wanting to sound overly critical, I must say: the repetitions at the end of each line seemed to detract from the vision, rather than enhancing it. Repetition, like anything else, can be overdone to the point where it is receiving the attention and negates its intended purpose.

For the rest of your work, as usual, a good piece filled with the questions that Man has asked for a long, long time. And, the subtle, ironic twist at the end didn't escape, either.

A good write, Dale. ^^

Frank :)

        07-28-2008     June Nazarian        

Questions, questions we ask all our lives in some attempt to satisfy our thirst for knowledge or to search for explanations/meanings. Your rhythmic, contemplative poem points to these many queries, many unanswerable, yet perhaps one universal answer for all.

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