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Summer Breezes

by Frank Fields
copyright 07-31-2008

Age Rating: 10 +
Summer Breezes
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Summer breezes quickly fade
Warm days and nights, the fields are ripe
A robin on the wing with lark or two
The droning bumbles of the bee
Dragonfly is perched on long, tall grass
Crickets in the night with calling chirps
The voices call

Red ladybug with her black spots
The butterflies flitter flutter by
Falcon hunting high above
Squirrels resting nest in oak
Night time fireflies to light my way
A faerie fire far away
Summer breezes quickly fade

Morning glory on the vine
The crabs go clitter clack
Rabbits jumping in the woods
Melons wait their day
Hounds are baying after prey
Burbling brooks a symphony of sound
The voices call

Summer breezes quickly fade.

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        08-20-2013     Eric Siedzikowski        

pure genius.i wish i could write like frank fields.keep up the amazing works of poetic genius.

        08-25-2008     Raja Sharma        

Summer breezes quickly fade.
Yes, they do but leave a lot for a creative and philosophically poetic mind to add immensely to the transient emotion.
Your poem in itself is a visible sketch of the time mentioned, for the imagery is very precises. One finds oneself lost in the images and it does happen because you have left no stone unturned in adding even the most negligible creature, pardon me, which abound your highly cohesive poem.
Pardon me, for my stock of points is exhausted today.
Bless you

        08-24-2008     Brooke Marquette        

Once again, you made an awesome one! How can you write so vividly? Its really amazing!
Great write once again! You placed me write in the midst of your words, while images played in my mind...and while I could feel the last bits of warm, tickling breezes.
Astounding work! Keep it up!!! :D

        08-14-2008     Frank Fields        

O//Ops. back to the html drawing board. LOL

        08-14-2008     Frank Fields        

This is more what faeries do:

        08-14-2008     Frank Fields        

May your boat be ever fortunate enough, then, to forever float on the most warm, most calm winds possible. It does occur, however, that warm winds invite the hurricane and calm winds leave one in the doldrums.

On the matter of faerie maidens, neither Pen nor I have any "clout" but, even if we did, I really don't think that directing the weather patterns
is in their area of responsibility. To do that requires a different kind of energy which they neither have nor want.

Did you know that I am one of those unfortunates who has never heard the voice of dogs on the hunt?
For either--man or beast.

Frank :)

        08-14-2008     Susan Brown        

Hello Pen,
I'm not "ready" to hear my summer breeze's are on the verge of, say it isn't so! Ready or not, you say? Don't you have some clout with all those faerie maidens responsible for directing weather patterns? If so, please ask for more... days. My boat floats best on warm, calm winds.
p.s. I love the sound of hounds baying in the fall. I forget, not everyone in the world has been fortunate enough to have heard the voice of dogs hunting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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