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Courtyard Gallery Invitation

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 08-09-2008

Age Rating: 10 +


Women who blend
Within the artist's lens
The way we were designed
You will find
We breathe the flavors
Meet the players
Call the layers
Paint the savors

Women who blend
Within the artist's lens
The way we were designed
You will find
We chime
We climb
With time we shine

Whispering branches sing 
Tapering quills
Brush feeds
Come dine
Come drink our sparkling wine
We find through rhyme
We dot the line...

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        03-29-2012     Frank Fields        

Amazing! The changes that can be seen in a few short years. Has it really been that long? Indeed, m'lady, it most surely has. Although it seems but yesterday that Pen was sometimes harsh it his interpretations of your works. Your survival is perhaps proof of that dotted line of which we are so graciously reminded.

Indeed, may I presume to be not proud of you, but proud with you? I think yes.

Frank =^.~=

        05-19-2009     D.j. Feutz        

wow this is amazing i read this like 3 times it was so good lol i love the flow the rhythm and just every thing about it cant put my finger on it but i liked "breathe the flavors, meet the players
Call the layers, paint the savors " the most oit of it all none he less a good poem thx for sharing

        04-22-2009     Walter Jones        

who sleeps with smiles, the writer, for in the write lives so much, images shared, imagination growing, hope and scene, mind travels, youth to age, a trip given and taken, thank you.. Walt

        04-17-2009     Frank Fields        

I wanted to add just one more comment, if I may. With this work you have captured the essence, the quality, the subtle beauty that is inherent in every girl, lady, woman. These are qualities, incidentally, which I have always treasured and found to be remarkably attractive as well as comfortable. I think my mother and my grandmother had a bit to do with all of that. I'm not too sure how much more I could say, at this point, without getting into serious trouble, but suffice it that my background with the ladies has given me my own inspirations of balance, peace, and beauty.

        04-17-2009     Frank Fields        

Again, another re-presentation of a work that seems to have been polished, somewhat. My original thoughts are still there, but I think it has become much more subtle and open to many more levels of meaning. To me, today, at this point in time, these thoughts hold true. Tomorrow a different cup may be offered, but I think it, too, will leave the table well-satisfied. Or perhaps escort the lady to the moonlight glow on the veranda, where a coffee, brandy, and some talk may be enjoyed.

Frank :)

        10-17-2008     Debra Rose        

This was beautiful. I don't understand why it only got four stars before. The flow and rhythm of this roll of your tongue. It begs to be murmured aloud by someone skilled in the art of spoken word. Absolutely fantastic work!

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