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Death--A Haiku

by Frank Fields
copyright 08-19-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

Summer breezes end
My loved faerie's love is gone
Winter's chill is warm

Author's Notes
Edited to correct minor spelling error.

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        03-21-2014     Walter Jones        

There are times when looking back I find the same road but with a slightly different twist, I am not worried about spelling, I feel so much more in your writes, I see beyond the past into the future, the wants and needs both met and kept at arms length, form and voice leave all the elements of survival, writers are what we choose, you are a living example.. Walt

        02-04-2013     Rachel Brown        

Frank this Haiku is excellent,
with excellent form and it instantaneously
paints me a wildly vivid picture.
Keep up the great Work.

-Rachel ^_^

        08-26-2008     Frank Fields        


Thank you. ^^

In retrospect, the title established the focal point for this very slightly altered Haiku. Slightly, only because it does have some human emotional content that a sensei may have questioned. To have continued, once the theme was established, would have been redundant and even boring.

I was greatly influenced by Shakespeare, by the way. And a good many others, as well. Along with some of the fine writers that are right here at PnP. ^_^

Frank :)

        08-26-2008     Raja Sharma        

The most aesthetic point in your poem is the way you have conveyed the emotion, without alluding to death directly, or using other metaphors which simply indicate the end of a cycle. This reminds me of some of the poems from William Shakespeare's plays in which he used the images to convey the meaning.They were very different from his love sonnets.
Now when I read this piece , the very first thing which struck me was the title but when I entered the lines I could only praise your mental ingenuity.
Bless you

        08-21-2008     Walter Jones        

It is the memory, a taste of words mixed, time and a glass filled, accepting fate, watching closely, savoring the last drop...Walt

        08-20-2008     June Nazarian        

Ah, another haiku. one of my favorite forms because much is conveyed though words are few.
I see here a love, though gone, present in mind as the winter chill is warm. The loss of a loved one is "death" whether or not in actuality. Very nice..........June

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