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A Symbol For All Times

by Jeanette Broussard (Age: 54)
copyright 08-28-2008

Age Rating: 13 +
A Symbol For All Times
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It is a symbol of nobility from the times of old,
Often depicted in crests or coat of arms in gold.
Beginning in France years ago, it's still around,
Now it is seen everywhere and it is world renown.

A royal symbol used in cadence for each new one,
One added to the crest or coat of arms for each son.
The stamen always posted upright between the petals,
It is used by groups and on Military Honor Medals.

In religion it has been used as a symbol of the trinity,
Or used to depict Our Blessed Mother Mary's virginity.
In Medieval England used for homage that they did pay,
A female of virtue, honor, and spirituality it did say.

Modern times has seen it used in very many ways,
Team icons in sports, to purely decorative displays,
From the early civilizations through recent history,
Its appeal continues strong and remains a mystery.

**********Author Notes*************
The majestic Fleur-de-lis and its history.

It is also the badge of the Boy Scout of America, and Universal badge for Boy Scouting across the world.
Being of French heritage I have always admired the Fleur-de-lis. It has an old history and is still going strong today. For more information visit:
Thanks for reading. Jeanette

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        09-15-2008     Arthur G. Finch        

As I read this work the third time, I notced two other important but omitted useages. I am glad you ran this poem. It is the badge of the Boy Scout of America, and Universal badge for Boy Scouting accross the world.. It is or was the univrsal emblem of NORTH on the early compasses. Quite a famous emblem.

        09-14-2008     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

You know, someone JUST asked me about that symbol and I had no clue. Now I do... thanks to you! Funny how a symbol can have so many meanings over time, and how it's adopted by so many to fit their needs of the moment. We do see it everywhere, and now we know why! Thank you for your research and sharing there of.


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