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A Tribute to a Forgotten Poet

by Raja Sharma
copyright 09-11-2008

Age Rating: 13 +
A Tribute to a Forgotten Poet
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Lay me anywhere you like,
For bottles sans wine don't amuse.
Say, let me sleep in dark night,
Cry you aloud, my ears refuse,
Image lost: poet recluse.

They cursed, howled, in a dim sight,
For words my own're lost in muse.
Dead poet now is shown the light,
Cry you aloud, my ears refuse,
Image lost: poet recluse.

By Rajasir

This poem is dedicated to T.S.Eliot's contemporary A.E.Houseman who was shaded by the dazzle of Eliot and now people rarely remember him.
I have used his rhyme scheme ababb, ababb.

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        08-20-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This poem was very beautiful, and very well written! Your choice of words was perfect and each line flowed flawlessly into the next. Excellent work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-29-2009     Frank Fields        

Seems like I missed this first time around. :(

A fine work, Raja. And a fine tribute to one who, yes, is not as known or remembered as the other.

Works like this remind us that we must be ever vigilant to keep the valuable and the worthy to the forefront.

thank you.

Frank :)

        11-29-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Very nice poem. It is so nice to remember a poet who has long past. I liked your rhyming style. I use it sometimes, also. If it fits the poem, as yours does it is a good pattern.
Thank you for sharing.

        09-16-2008     Walter Jones        

A linger in truth sleeps n the words lifting on a wind passed. Writers we are in dream keeping passage of hearts finding rest in our images and words, just one sound pleases the memory...Walt

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