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Grass Roots Fund Raising Ideas

by Jeanette Broussard (Age: 54)
copyright 10-06-2008

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I an writing to ask for help in suggesting way I can fund raise for five families whose homes were damaged by the recent hurricanes here in Cankton, Louisiana.

Saturday October 4, 2008 FEMA came out to a little trailer park where low income families live. These families were told that the amount FEMA will give to assist these families with will not cover repairs.

Can you suggest anything that can be done, to get the ball rolling and raise fund to assist in having the damage to their homes completed. I appreciate any advice and assistance you can give.

Here is the information on all of the people that are in need of help. I am not asking for your money...just suggestions on how I can get a grass roots movement going to help begin fund raising to help these poor folks out. If I had the money I would gladly help them, but today's economy has hurt so many. I understand that no one can fund this alone so all I am asking for is help with ideas on how to do some fund raising since our great federal government is not giving them much.

FEMA promised to reimburse $500 to help those who evacuated and all of these folks were evacuated. Guess whatÖthey were denied the money. They all lost everything in the way of food in the fridge and freezer and also some lost clothing and such.

Jessica Cormier is a 40 year old who is disabled because of heart issues and also she has had multiple spinal surgeries. She is a mother and grand mother and lives on $700.00 per month. Medical expenses for medications and such and her monthly lot rent, electricity, insurance on car, gas, etc. she canít make the month already. There is not enough money for the month. She has about $1250.00 of damage and FEMA gave her $95.00. Her front door is rain damaged and will no longer shut well or lock due to water damage, half of her electricity in her trailer does not work which is a fire hazard as we donít know what the issue is. She lost most of her clothing due to water damage and by the time we came back home it was all molded and had to be thrown.

Phyllis Bellard is a working woman of 42. She is a breast cancer survivor and barely makes it each month. She makes $1200.00 a month once insurance cost is taken out of her income and she pays bills she has $40.00 left to buy food. Her damage is $793.00 but to her that is a lot and she canít afford to fix the walls that have been rain in and now mold is taking over. FEMA has denied her claim because they said she does not have over $1000.00 damage. No $500 given either for evacuation.

JB and Vivian Babineaux, my Aunt and Uncle. They live on $542.00 dollars a month. JB has lung issues and is diabetic and has had open heart surgery. Vivian is diabetic. They had roof damage and the cabinets are molding in the kitchen due to water damage. The window is broken and the door as well won't close or lock because of water damage. FEMA again gave $102.00. That wonít pay for the door let alone the other repairs. They need $938.00 for repairs.

Mike is on oxygen due to his lungs and heart and is disabled. His wife recently passed away. He gets a small Social Security check. With the cost of medications and such he struggles every month. He had roof damage and it has caused a room to mold over. He has been instructed to stuff towels under the door and is keeping it shut hoping it does not get into his lungs. He needs $600.00.

Amy Cormier, is a single mother of 2 and 1/2 one due in five weeks. She works full time, but ends are hard to meet with hungry mouths to feed. She has wall damage in the living room and needs to replace the wood and insulation. She needs $350.00. FEMA gave about $98.00.

Any suggestions on how I can go about fund raising would be most appreciated. I have not included any labor in the figures as I am finding folks to help us get the work done for free. I am using family and friends with that end of it. Although they don't know that they are helping yet, Iím sure we can get it all done.

These are all honest, God fearing, and hard working, as much as they can, as some are with health issues and elderly. They don't drink or do drugs and are all good folks who have fallen on hard times.

Again I am not asking for you to give money. Just help me think of how I can get this ball rolling. I need to raise $3930.11. Which by todayís standards, this is not a lot of money. If we can think of where to start, we can get it done. I really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks greatly to all of you and may the Lord Bless each of you.

Jeanette Broussard

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