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by Jenny Douglas
copyright 11-07-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

Wanting child, forever reaching, looking to be loved,
stretched at our feet, clinging, desperate,
angry at lack, confused at hate, looking for truth in your lies.
Stabbed and bleeding, yet stumbling...trying to live.

How long can you wait to be loved?
How long can your life-blood flow
unchecked, unstopped, untended?
But watch as you faint, fall and lie still.
There is still a pulse, weak as it is.

A hand warms you, creating questions, new grief
compassion exists?!
To feel love after you felt dead
As the sun warms earth after early frost.
Almost gone, but not quite. a touch.

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        11-12-2008     Raja Sharma        

How aesthetically you say 'looking for truth in our lies......Saved a touch'!
This is a very emphically conveyed emotion and the diction is precise enough to leave a definite impression on the readers' minds.
God bless you

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