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My Grace

by Elise Richerds (Age: 20)
copyright 11-10-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

God is good,God is great,
Thank you, Lord, for the food on my plate.
He is gentle, sweet, and kind,
The one who is always on my mind.
How not just a leg or a knee,
But his whole life was dedicated to me,
How as was prophesied,
Jesus Christ was crucified.
Now I've said grace,I'm hungry and in a haste,

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        05-17-2011     Rebecca Morgan        

This is such a beautiful prayer, Thank you for allowing use to read this. I'm glad some one has finally wrote something about the almighty God. May God be with you were ever you may be.

        12-19-2008     Raja Sharma        

My praise goes to your faith and determination, my little friend. I know that with the progression of time you will learn the art of writing beautiful poems and stories, and I do hope that all the seniors will be there to help you out.
Thanks for sharing your Grace with us.
God bless you

        12-18-2008     synclaire232        

I like your poems very much. This really makes me laugh out loud though I'm not sure if I'm not supposed to. While I was reading this I felt like I had to read it fast, so it was dished out pretty good. I like the last few lines:

"Now I've said grace, I'm hungry and in a haste,

XD Thanks for the write. Chermayn

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