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by Arthur G. Finch (Age: 84)
copyright 11-28-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Cleopatra was Egypt’s Queen,
She came to rule at seventeen.
Alas, for her, she had no king,
To the palace, of Pharaoh bring.

Born of the Ptolemaic line,
A handsome prince would suit her fine.
The wishes of her father then,
Marry her brother, only ten.

Those That dreaded word Royal Incest,
Was she ready to run the test?
Never! She hated her brother,
Began to search for another.

The Middle East was fermenting,
With great world empires tormenting.
The list is long and very strong,
Suddenly things went very wrong.

They began to fight each other
In turn, they ruled one another
Assyria , and Babylon,
Persia and Greece began their run.

Rome was next and they made the call,
Raised an army and conquered all.
Then conquering the entire world,
Rome faced Egypt admired the girl.

That call made by Caesar himself,
Left his own wife in Rome bereft.
Ptolemy chose Rome as trustee,
Mighty Caesar went down to see.

It wasn’t long before the bed,
Then word went out the two were wed.
Cleopatra visited Rome,
Did not stay long, she returned home.

On the ides of March, Caesar died,
And Rome’s problems multiplied.
At times the empire, up for grabs,
They could not seem to please the crowds.

Cleo and Tony fell in love,
Nothing mattered but power’s shove.
The two resolved to take on Rome,
A big mistake, Rome sent them home.

The bold empire of Egypt ceased,
Off of the eastern coast of Greece.
In the locale named called Actium
Where victors watched the cowards fume.

Thinking Anthony in defeat,
Cleo ordered her ships, retreat!
The battle not been won or lost,
But her retreat, the battle cost.

Mutiny of Anthony’s crew,
Was the last insult in his view,
Cut his anchors to set him free,
Losing the smell of victory

With Cleo’s ships, we could’ve prevailed,
And sunk those bastards straight to hell.
Why did she think to cut and run
We all were having so much fun.

A great sea battle won and lost,
And a great price to, Egypt cost
Egypt weakened the empire fell,
Cleo and Marc did not do well.

The annals of history tell,
Octavian won the day well.
Marc’s reputation grew quite dim,
His defeat near Greece followed him.

He fled to Egypt near his queen,
Instead of how things, could have been.
They both committed suicide,
And placed in a tomb, side by side.

These two could not, strong, Rome resist,
Cleopatra died serpent kissed.
Caesarion from Caesar’s loins,
Octavian killed, mother joins.

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        06-10-2010     phantomwrays        

I have to say, this was definitely the most unique poem I have ever read...the wording and the rhyming was done so beautifully! This was a wonderful read...

        04-09-2009     Raja Sharma        

Today I got this chance to read your latest work.I would call it a lyrical ballad because you being an expert play so beautifully with rhyme and rhythm.Not only that, the diction is precise and appropriate.Cleopatra I have read and taught many times but this one is something very special because it is laconic but does not miss any of the content.
Wonderful work, brother.
God bless you

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