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Heart of My Heart You Spin Me Like A Top

by Arthur G. Finch (Age: 84)
copyright 12-03-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Heart of my
heart, you are a part of me,
Love of my life, I feel close to thee.Where
currents of my being vibrate when you are near, When
you are away from me, I shed a lonely tear. When I lay on
my bed at night, I have a dream of you,Awakened early in the
morning, I get a precious view. You are the sun of my day, that
shines upon my life,I praise the God of Heaven, for making you
my wife. The moon, they say, affects the tides, which wash
upon the shore, You are the one, the only one of whom I
do adore,No matter where or how far I travel,you are my
guiding light As if you were a twinkling star,shining in
the night. It was no accident, the day on which we
met, Planned by Cupid, and God, alone, for that
I have no regret.Fifty six years together and
neither has ever failed, Some marriages
last that long, while other ones have
paled. We’re old, becoming senile,
for that we have to smile,We’ve
traveled life together and
covered any A mile.
Thanking our God in
heaven we praise
him for His care,
we sit content
on the front
porch, in
matching rocking chairs.

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        05-23-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hello Arthur, wherever you are:

Great heart poem of true love for your wife. Your poem is above all love and hearts and I know she is very proud of you, also. You are a true poet in the eye sights of many, and especially in the eye sights of me. Loved reading this very much....Mae

        09-06-2009     June Nazarian        

Arthur - Somehow I missed this one but I am so glad I have found it. It isn't often that a poem touches me enough to bring tears to my eyes, this one did. How cleverly you have proclaimed your love within the heart-shaped words. Truly a delight. June

        12-31-2008     Regina Garber        

Bravo. Brought tears to my eyes and compassion to my heart. What a wonderful tribute to a lifelong love. You had me at: "It was no accident, the day on which we
met, Planned by Cupid, and God, alone, for that
I have no regret." Chills

Happy New Year,

        12-06-2008     Raja Sharma        

My dear brother,
I can realize how you feel about your heart after courageously facing and braving so many heart attacks. I salute you for your unfathomable creativity, for you are the one who can find aestheticism even in the worst of the circumstances. This poem really touched my heart which I believe is still on the go but who knows?
God bless you

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