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His Precious Child

by Wendi Benally (Age: 46)
copyright 12-27-2008

Age Rating: 1 +

You are His precious child,
created in His very image.
He spoke the words that brought you into existence.

He kissed your face to give you your smile.
He looked deeply into your eyes and touched your soul,
to give you compassion and a mind like unto His.

He placed within you
a spark of His radiance
to bring a twinkle to your eyes.

He lightly stroked your head
to give you a crown of wavy hair
to blow in the wind as the storms of life come and go.

Before He was finished,
He held you on His lap and embraced you,
filling you with strength and endurance,
peace and love,
to see you through each and every day of your life.

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        04-06-2013     Rachel Brown        

A tapestry well written and very beautiful indeed.
I would believe this to be a very religious piece I love
this beautiful elaborate tapestry so very well written.
I can believe this to be a religious tapestry indeed, am I correct in saying this ?
Thank you for sharing such lovely work.

        06-26-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

The pure and unyielding faith expressed in this piece was very refreshing. So many people nowadays ignore their religious faith, or simply don't advertise it for silly and mundane reasons. It's always nice to find a poem that shows that there are still people with true faith who aren't ashamed of it. Great work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        01-06-2009     June Nazarian        

Wendi - the changes you have made really have made this beautiful poem come alive. I always hesitate to give suggestions because after all, what do I know? But I love it the way it is now, Good job......June

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