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Captain Canary, the Singing Pirate

by Arthur G. Finch (Age: 84)
copyright 01-02-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

The Beginning - Chapter 1

Hiram McTavish is trained in the basics,
interested in all, even the classics.
Brilliant,speaks five languages of romance,
Languages of Italy, Spain and France,

Portugal, last Latin, language of church,
An institution he'd never besmirch.
Groomed for clergy, 'twas not his cup of tea,
He loved the ships that sailed the unkind sea.

He also loved opera; knew it well,
Suddenly it happened, the young man fell.
He met a young maiden in the small town,
But something was wrong, she wore a frown.

She talked only of marriage, girl obsessed.
And then a friend confided, what he had guessed
She was with child, no one knew anything.
She began blaming him and wanted a ring.

Hiram shared with his father, "It's a lie!"
The he told his father the reason why.
Son, she's spread already so much gossip,
Get my sea chest; you must leave on a trip

Hiram filled the chest with various garments,
Then his father brought him, his armaments,
A Scottish Claymore , sword with two edges,
Two musket pall pistols, with lead wedges.

The lead wedges are melted, molded to a ball,
mini-balls for the pistols and that's all.
Except a dagger that completed his arms,
"Now laddie, you depend on your skills and charms."

In their swiftest carriage, left for Glasgow,
Father said, "We'll meet a captain I know.
Then off to the new world and you'll be free.
It will all die down soon, come home to me."

Hiram hugged his father and boarded the ship,
The first time in his life to make a trip.
The voyage normal, until mid Atlantic,
A pirate ship spied and all were frantic

Except Hiram who opened his sea chest,
Loaded the pistols, took claymore with the crest
of the clan of his father, stepped on deck.
Fought like a tiger, made the captain check.

An impressed Captain kept eye on the fray.
The pirates prevailed, had this to say,
"Bring the blond lad with the Scottish Claymore,
Who fought like a demon, let me say more.

Lad, I'm captain and I need men like you,
What do you say, will you join with my crew?"
"I know little of pirates, what will be?"
The pirate said, "I'll give a berth, you'll see!"

"Will you spare my vessel and let it go?"
"Lad, can't do that, I'm a pirate you know,
We'll keep the vessel and set them ashore,
That's all I can do, I wish it were more.

We are a brotherhood, we have rules.
Or we'd be hampered by a dozen fools.
Follow me shipmate, and see your billet,
Then to the galley and meet the Skillet.

He is our cook and we once called him cookie,
Chinese, I think, sometimes kooky.
Then you will meet some of this motley crew.
Most of us civilized, we'll surprise you.

Watch the horizon for the next chapter.

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        01-05-2009     Susan Brown        

My grandson is going to like these two "singing pirate" tales. I'm looking forward to having him read them to me. Thanks for submitting something a ten year old boy will truly enjoy. Nice! I'll let him comment on the next one to see which he prefers.

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