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by Raja Sharma
copyright 01-09-2009

Age Rating: 10 +

A zealous ant working to build a hill
Delights me no less than
An old man setting his own house on hill
Shows the measured life-span.

A child striving to climb a box and hold
Enthralls me no less than
A young winner atop a podium with gold
Brings smiles to the whole clan.

A bee collecting honey in a hive
Touches me no less than
A father, working for palaces five,
Who passes to past man.

A tiny wisp of a seed being a tree
Means lot more to me than
A beautiful nymph dancing proud and free
Fades out with tan gone wan.

Me, my mind, meanings mine for all to mine:
World with wild weanlings vainly thinks to shine.

Rajasir 10th January 2009

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        01-10-2009     Walter Jones        

It is the cost of living that allows the writer and the artist to see all the wonder of this world, special indeed, and worthy of so much more than thanks, but I give a smile and will share with others, best and better.. Walt

        01-10-2009     Frank Fields        

Thoughts which always seem to be in the back of our minds, but are never truly brought forth to consider the beauty and rhythms of the natural wonders with which this planet, and Man, have been blessed. Until they are given meaningful substance--more than a vague recognition, at any rate--and laid upon the canvas of our lives. With images painted bright and true, the artist allows us to share in his delights, and to join in a celebration of all things good, great or small, some seemingly insignificant and unworthy, but when presented by the thoughtful and the caring artist, we are witness to the miracles of Life. And Love.

I thank you for this write. The first I read today and the first to set the tone for the day's events. A very worthwhile accomplishment. ^_^

Frank :)

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