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A rose, A rose divine, standing

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 01-14-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

A rose, a rose divine, standing
plainly--beauties sight she is the
vaguely condemned prisoner of her morals,
stressing right and wrong and from her prison bars
we sing soliloquies outside her window
-I'm not sure if she catches our calls.

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        03-02-2009     Samantha Powers        

the fewer words given..the more our imagination wanders. We can each put out own interpertation into the words. To me this was beautiful and brought symbolism to mind. almost as if your words were feelings like the rose which is divine should be passion.
Very beautiful, It makes me want to read it countless times...for each read is a new meaning

        01-16-2009     Walter Jones        

There is silence in review of life, put on a stand rose glows in write, time and voice mingle to be once again the return, time has past, but the artist lives in the mind and the paper, voice pounds at the brain... glad you stopped again.. Walt

        01-14-2009     Jordan Screws        

Heh heh... I do not know what to make of it. I am inclined to see this as a sarcastic attack on the ideal of a "woman on a pedestal." The rose appears to be a symbol of idealistic purity and love, but it can also be interpreted as the key to her "cell". She is also condemned to a life of genteel femininity, one where she must act prim and proper at all times and never let her own true desires be known. Any effort to assert such constitutes a fall from grace, so to speak, and that does not fit with the pure, virginal woman on the pedestal.

This kind of made me think about how women are viewed. There is still some residual longing, some residual desire for a "pure" woman that belongs on a pedestal instead of in a mundane world like this. Any modern-day knight seeking to gain a woman's hand would be well-advised to let the object of his affection off of the pedestal once in awhile to flex her muscles in her own right. The only real problem with this is that it is a bit too short: I suppose the reader is left to their discretion to imagine what life in the "cell" is like. Other than that subjective matter, you did well with this.

Good work.

        01-14-2009     Susan Brown        

I rather enjoyed listening to the sound of this short piece. Pretty to picture "A rose divine, standing." The melody, inertly, familiar. Soliloquies, was a surprise. Nice, the way you set that outside her window. Enjoyed.

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