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One More Day....

by Frank Fields
copyright 01-19-2009

Age Rating: 10 +
One More Day....
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for the miracles in my life

I would but one more day
To see the sun shine warm
To hear happy children's laughter
To smell the sandalwood and sage
To taste the ocean spray upon my lips
To feel the bark of ancient oak
To love my love in love's own way.

I would but one more day
To dry your tears with faerie gauze
To taste your wine of Love and Life
To fill my cup as I fill yours
To help you bathe in magick pool
To hold tinkling, crystal drops from waterfall
To celebrate your life and mine.

I would but one more day
To walk the sandy beach
To hear the gentle, rolling surf
To feel its kisses on my toes
To know your hand in mine forever
To touch your silken smoothness
To rest with you as rest must come.

I would but one more day
To lie upon my ancient mountain
To see the starry glories of the night
To smell the campfire's tangy smoke
To shiver with high mountain air
To hear the silent owl a-hunting on the wing
To see again the falcon flying high.

I would but one more day
To hold a baby in my arms
To hear the squeal of happy tickle kisses
To share my world of love and good
To make a child strong and bright and tall
To never hear a hunger's sadness
To walk the fields of flowers and the bees.

I would but one more day
To know the lady bug and bumble bee
To wonder at the glow of fire-fly
To call my dove of Love upon my shoulder
To taste my humming bird's gift of nectar kiss
To watch the mantis change into twig
To see the miracle of the butterfly.

I would but one more day....


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        03-02-2009     Samantha Powers        

this was such a beautiful poem. It not only gave the reader (myself) a visual image but it really made me just want to close myself or actually do these things.
this poem for some reason reminds me of three days to see by hellen keller

        02-28-2009     Raja Sharma        

A highly skillfully formed exquisite cohesive work, my friend. The prepositional cohesion has added to the strength of the semantic beauties of the poesy.
Thought so serene and pious that a tear does try to escape the confines of the orbs.
A wonderful work
God bless you

        02-18-2009     Frank Fields        


A crystal tear did fall
From out my opened eye
And falling found a wind-song
From the nightingale.

Fill your cup, it said
Up to the brim
But slowly, sure, lest
The filling's journey

Finds it filled too full
Too quick
Leaving crystal tears
Without the memory

Of why they cried.

With my thanks, always.

Frank :)

        02-18-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

Ah! ~Bittersweet nostalgia. At least we have lived and loved from the brim to the bottom of the cup. Your poetry, although different from mine always moves me pofoundly and always manages to squeeze a few tears from my eyes.
The world is a better place for having had you and your poetry in it.


        01-30-2009     Walter Jones        

The road traveled, the mind left open, the heart seeking, regret leaves a path weaved with, each stone turned makes way for another to be thrown, write life, let love engulf, practice creativity, care for only the please needed to write the next line, advice given by a drunk country western singer, a long time ago, you work the advice well. He still has not paid me for my songs, or perhaps he has.. Walt

        01-22-2009     Frank Fields        

Every now and then, preferably more often than not, a writer should, I think, remember that his gifts with words which were meant to be shared, should allow the balance pans to weigh more heavily in favor of that which is beautiful, human, and truly worth the sharing.

Thank you for your gifts of kindness, Dale. ^^

And to all who read and enjoy--your time is much appreciated. ^_^

Frank :)

        01-21-2009     Everett (dale) Pogue        

I would for many more days for poetry such as this. You captured the essence of family and friends and love and nature. It is beautifully woven together in an unforgettable work. Thank you for it.

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