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Resisting Resistance

by Sarah Barrett (Age: 24)
copyright 04-04-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

***AUTHORS NOTE: I wrote this for my english class about a month ago. Hope you like it. It's kinda long... maybe. Enjoy!***

Maycie wrote in her journal that night:

"The past two weeks have been a blurry whirl-wind for me. Not much of it makes any sense, but here are some of the things I know for sure:

1. I can control objects with my mind. I have the ability to physically move things across any space in midair, even living things. Brad told me that in a few months of training I will be able to throw a person across a room with the force to crush their spine… that could be useful but, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I’m in eleventh grade for Pete’s sake! I don’t need this now…

2. There is this group that has located me, TYAE (Talented Youth Against Evil), and recruited me as a member. Brad is the leader and president of this group. TYAE is a group of about seven teenagers who are just like me in the sense that they have freaky special “talents” as they call them. They are Mason Cameron, Kelbie Elkins, Coleman Taylor, Izzy Klinner, Megan Beasley, Alex Rundquist, and Vanessa Miller. But apparently we aren’t the only ones that can do weird stuff.

3. There is another group called Resistance. We have no idea where on earth they are located, but they know where we are and they are after us. They want to destroy us. They are what you would call the “bad guys”. They have people just like us that they are using for evil, like randomly and spontaneously killing massive amounts of people. If we don’t surrender, they will destroy us. We made a pact to never surrender. They made a pact to kill us all…

4. On the bright side, Mason Cameron is really cute… I think he thinks I am cute too. He winked at me during training yesterday. Maybe I’m just overreacting; after all I am a teenage girl. :)

At first, I thought “oh, this is cool! I have a freaking super power!” but now that I know all the stuff about Resistance and that I could be killed at any second and have no warning about it… I don’t want this anymore. This is no longer “cool”. I don’t want to be a part of TYAE. I’m not saying I want to belong to Resistance, because I don’t. I just don’t want this stupid “talent” to ruin my life… Literally"

The sound of an annoying and loud alarm beeping in her ear jolted Maycie from her deep sleep. She jumped up into a sitting position and grabbed the TYAE pager off her nightstand and turned the alarm off. There was a message from Brad that read, “Come to the TYAE center immediately. Meet in the training cellar. This is urgent.” At four-thirty in the morning, you have to be kidding me! Maycie thought. Looks like I’ll be sleeping in school today. She jumped out of bed and slipped her Chuck Taylor sneakers on, not bothering to change out of her pajamas and quietly snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen. She wrote a note to her parents explaining that her friend Amanda picked her up early to go to the library to study. They wouldn’t get the note until 7:00 AM when they woke up.

She was about to walk out the back door when she remembered something, “Breakfast,” she whispered to herself. She walked back around the corner into the kitchen and spotted a Pop-Tart on the counter. Using her mind, she quickly directed the Pop-Tart to her open hand. Almost too quickly, she realized as the package smacked her square in the forehead and dropped to the floor. Stupid, useless talent… She thought as she snuck out the back door. If only I could tell my parents about this. Then I wouldn’t have to sneak around all the time.

She was soon speeding down the street on her bike towards her school. The TYAE center was actually hidden underneath what everyone else thought was the bottom floor of the school. She walked into the gym, then into the equipment closet. She opened a metal door with the password TYAE gave her. The door opened and she walked through, into a small room about seven square feet that had a machine that took a copy of her fingerprint. That door opened and she walked into another room about the same size where another machine scanned her eye. Finally she was in the TYAE center. She walked across the empty and dimly lit foyer into a narrow and dark hallway. The entire TYAE center was either made of cement or metal.

She came to the fourth metal door on the left and once again scanned her eye. The door opened and revealed, to her surprise, Brad slumped up against the far wall along with four other TYAE members, Mason, Kelbie, Megan, and Coleman, all of them had their hands tied behind their backs, and all clearly unconscious.
Maycie stood frozen at the doorway. Her pop-tart dropped to the floor and her jaw dropped open. This has to be Resistance. Who else could know about us but them? But how did they get in here? “Those low-life, heartless creatures.” She muttered. She saw Mason’s arm twitch in the right corner of the room. She ran over to him and kneeled down next to his side and, on instinct, began to remove the rope from his wrists behind his back. Before she finished, she felt an unbelievably sharp electric current rip through her entire body. She let out a piercing scream, convulsed onto her back and smacked her head on the cold cement floor. With her eyes slightly opened, being barely conscious, she saw what appeared to be tall black male hunched over her with a look of disdain.

“Such a sad sight,” he said with a slight sarcastic tone. “Poor girl. Such a pity to waste such a valuable talent, and what a pretty face too! Oh, what a shame. But then again, what do I care? I’m just a low-life, heartless creature!” He yelled the last sentence, stood up straight and said, “Jannie, come here, now.”

Maycie could hear the clip of high heels getting closer until she felt one of them step on her hair that was sprawled out around her head.

“I’m here, sir.” A young woman’s voice said, presumably Jannie. “What do you need?”

“Are the other three twerps in the van?” the man asked.

“Yes sir. Peter drugged them so they are unconscious.”

“Excellent.” He replied with an evil tone. “Now, enter her mind. Is she conscious still?”

There was a pause, then, “Yes sir, she is still conscious.”

“She is a strong one. Tell me, what is her state of mind?”

Another pause from Jannie, this one was longer as she dug through Maycie’s mind. Maycie struggled hard to build a mental barrier to stop her from being aware of everything she could do. That was one thing Brad said was most important, to keep anyone from reading your mind. She didn’t have enough training in that skill and Jannie easily broke through her thin barrier. She could feel the pain and discomfort in her head, like a bad migraine as Jannie searched through her mind. Then Jannie said, “She has the ability to move matter across empty space. She is not fully trained or fully aware of what she is capable of doing. She is not satisfied with developing this talent, or any talent for that matter, nor does she want to be a part of TYAE, yet she does not want to work for us either. She is assuming we are from Resistance and-”

The tall man cut her off, “She is a smart one. That is enough, Jannie. Thank you.”

“Always, sir.” Jannie replied.

“Get Peter. Tell him what we have learned about this girl and the rest of them. It’s kill time.” A dark and sinister chuckle came from the tall, dark man looming over Maycie. Maycie heard Jannie’s high heels click across the room and then fade away. As pain finally subsided from Maycie’s back and head, she came slowly back to consciousness. To her surprise, when she opened her eyes just slightly, she saw that the man from Resistance was gone. She opened her eyes all the way and looked around the room. It was only her and the others still in their deep unconsciousness, except for Mason.

Mason stirred slightly and squinted and made a funny face when he opened his eyes in the bright light. Maycie shot up into a sitting position and immediately regretted it when she felt her migraine return and remembered smacking head on the hard floor when Max sent the electric current through her body. “Ouch…” she whispered.

Mason looked up at her. “Maycie? …Maycie! What’s going on? What happened to everyone?”

She didn’t know how to respond. There was only one thing she could say that would make any sense: “Resistance. It’s Resistance. They’re going to destroy us. We’re all going to die, Mason.” For the first time since developing this talent, she felt absolute and pure rage fill her body.

“Resistance? That can’t be… But it only makes sense.”

“Mason, did you hear me? We. Are. Going. To. DIE.”

“No, Maycie. We’re not going to die. Not if I can’t help it. We’ll do whatever it takes to destroy Resistance, not the other way around!”

“What are you talking about? We’re not trained! We barely know anything. You have only been here for 4 months, and me only 3 weeks. It’s impossible to defeat a whole team of people who have been training their entire lives. Face it, we’re doomed.”

“Don’t be such a pessimist! We can do this; we just have to fight until we can’t fight anymore. And that won’t be until Resistance is destroyed and they will be destroy-”

Maycie cut him off mid-sentence, “Oh come on! Be realistic, Mason! There is no way that we can defeat these guys.”

All of the sudden the young Jannie walked back into the room quite quickly. She hurried over to Mason and crouched down next to him and reached behind his back and he instantly jumped away fearing that she would attack him.

“No, no, I’m helping you. You need to escape. You only have one or two minutes to get out of here.” Jannie said in a reassuring but shaky and uncertain voice. She reached back down to untie Mason’s wrists. This time he didn’t hesitate to let her help.

Maycie was confused. “What? Why are you helping us? You work for Resistance.”

“Yes, I know but I hate it. I can’t believe I ever agreed to help kill innocent people. Maycie, help me untie the others and try to wake them up.” She gestured to the other members and then continued with her story, “ Max, the tall black man, is the leader of Resistance. He only talked me into becoming a part of this stupid cult because I was a selfish girl who didn’t know any better. I was much like you, Maycie. I didn’t appreciate my talent or being stalked by a group of people who wanted to use me. But I didn’t want to give up my ‘precious’ life” She used her hands to put quotation marks around the word precious. “I ran away from everything I ever knew and loved, just so I wouldn’t die. I am so stupid.”

No one said anything after that as they continued to hurry and untie the ropes. They had finished untying Coleman when, too soon, Max walked in with a pale white boy with deep dark eyes, both pupil and iris black, that could burn someone’s soul if they stared long enough. He was a small young boy, probably around twelve years old, Maycie presumed. He was a stunning little boy, too. Perfect skin complexion, perfect wavy dark brown hair, perfectly proportioned, and his facial features were smooth and beautiful. His cheekbones were high, his eyes set deep into his skull.

Suddenly Maycie was jolted from her train of thought when he heard Max loudly ‘clear his throat’. Her eyes jumped to his to see that he was staring straight at Jannie whose brilliant green eyes were as scared and wide as those on a deer caught in headlights.
Now that Maycie was fully conscious, she noticed that Max was as creepy looking as she presumed him to be. He was indeed a very tall man, though he seemed to be in his early twenties. He very well fit the ‘bad guy’ role in any horror movie. Maycie immediately understood why Jannie was so frightened; The look on Max’s face could make any ten year old run away screaming for their mother. If looks could kill…Maycie thought to herself.

“Jannie…” Max said, almost growled. “Jannie step away from the boy. You don’t want to die, do you? I will kill you. You know I will? I know you don’t want to die, Jannie. So, why don’t you just come back over here and forget about those useless scums?” He was becoming enraged.

The silence between Max and Jannie was incredibly and painfully awkward.. “Jannie, the rest of our team is in the helicopter along with the rest of the TYAE. Just follow me now and you will be spared. I won’t harm you if you come with me right now.”

Jannie still looked scared and indecisive. After another short pause Jannie stood and said, “No… No! I will not come with you, sir. I mean, Max. I won’t let you use me and other innocent people as lethal weapons to kill for no reason, or any reason at that. You’re a madman, Max, you and all the others that follow your crazed idea! I won’t follow you. Kill me if you must, but I will not follow you.”

Once Jannie had finished her speech, the look on Max’s facial expression was past rage. It was now maddened and infuriated. Maycie thought she could hear a low rumble coming from his chest before he angrily whispered, “Then you leave me no other choice.” And with that he thrust out his arm and a current of bright blue electricity shot out from his palm and struck Jannie straight in the chest. Jannie flew backwards almost five feet before she slammed into the wall with a loud “whack!” and dropped to the floor. He was about to raise his arm again at Maycie, who was staring awe-struck at him when Mason jumped onto his feet and yelled, “Maycie, hold him still!”

Maycie stood up and used her mind to try to hold Max still. She clamped his arms tight against his sides, and his legs straight so he could not walk.

“Peter, now!” Max yelled at the boy next to him. Peter opened his eyes as wide as they could stretch and starting shaking convulsively. Then his skin turned an even whiter shade than it had been before, it was almost transparent. Mason lifted both of his arms in the air, just like Max had done, except out of his palms came a stream of blazing fire towards the two men. Before the fire could reach the two of them, a strong, and cold wind blew across the room and blew back the fire coming from Mason’s hands. The concentration on Mason’s face grew and a drop of sweat formed above his temple. He furrowed his brow and continued to push the fire closer, as the almost-freezing wind threaten to blow them over. Maycie noticed Max struggling and squirming trying to get free. She tightened her binding on him. Peter acknowledged their gaining in the battle. He took in a deep breath and added hail to wind. The hail hitting their skin was like multiple needles being sunk into their body.

“Mason, you have to stop him! I’m not trained or strong enough to hold him still!” Maycie yelled over all the noise from the wind and hail.

“I know, I’m trying! His wind is extinguishing my fire!"

“You must destroy them, Peter!” Max told the boy. Max was not harmed by Peter’s storm, which kept getting stronger. Maycie looked over at Mason. She could tell he was using all his energy to try and stop Peter, but it just wasn’t enough. She would miss Mason. After all this was over and everyone was dead, she would miss him, her family, and her friends. She knew this was the end. There was no way that the two of them could defeat the most powerful people the planet knew.

A tear slipped from Maycie’s eye. As she reached her hand up to wipe the tear off of her cheek, her concentration slipped the slightest bit. That slightest bit was just enough for Max to break through her mental control with a jolt of electricity. At that same instant, an electric stream came out of Max’s palm, directed at Maycie. This is it, She thought as she closed her eyes. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes to see Coleman standing before her, blocking the electricity, facing Max. He continued to shoot him with his blue electricity, but Coleman did not budge. He’s invincible! Maycie thought. Coleman proceeded forward slowly towards Max. Max’s brow furrowed as he tried to stop him. It was useless. Coleman stopped four feet in front of Max. He stopped the current.

“What are you?” Max asked in awe.

“No need to know. You will soon be dead.” Coleman replied briskly, and with that he ran at the speed of light towards Max and pressed him against the wall, rammed his head against the wall, and when he fell to his knees, Coleman grabbed his head with both hands, jerked it once to the left, once to the right, and back to the left as they heard a harsh snap and his head hang limp on his shoulders. Coleman backed away and Max fell to the floor.

All the following attention was instantly turned to Peter. He took in deep breath and suddenly his iris and pupil began to vanish until his entire eye was bright white. His face showed no emotion, not even bitterness or sadness that his master had been killed. He opened his mouth and in less than a second the room was filled with his piercing and shrill scream that could shatter one’s eardrums. Mason instantly let go of his fire and covered his ears. The scream was so intensely shriek and loud that it forced Maycie, Mason, and Coleman to the floor. Their ears burned at the sound.
Coleman slowly rose to his knees, then to his feet. He may be invincible to an electric current, but not at all to this sound of death. He took one slow step forward, then paused and fell back to the floor. The wind and hail continued to increase. Maycie looked up at Peter, the beautiful innocent boy had now turned into a transparent-skinned possessed boy. His brows furrowed to their max, his open mouth revealed his two layers or razor sharp teeth and a skinny blue tongue that looked much like a lizard’s.

Then suddenly, the screaming stopped. The wind stopped. The hail stopped. The boy was silent, emotionless and without movement. He stood facing all of them on their knees, staring at the ceiling with a look of wonder, sadness, emptiness, and loneliness. They all stared at him in awe. The boy then looked at all of them, one at a time.

“I am… Peter.” He said. His voice was like brilliant singing as he said those three simple words. “I am Peter.” He repeated. “I'm sorry. Please excuse my uncivilized acts, for I know not what I do. Your friend Jannie… she has deceased. I beg of you to accept my apology. I must go. Resistance has been defeated. You will never see or hear of me again. I must go. Goodbye friends.” Not two seconds after he finished those words, he vanished until nothing but air stood where he once was.

No one spoke for at least five minutes. No one had any idea what just happened. The boy who was minutes away from destroying them all, all of the sudden stopped and walked away, without reason. Finally, Maycie crawled over to Jannie. She checked for a pulse, but found nothing. She was indeed dead, as Peter had told them. She sat down up against the wall.

“Is she really gone?” Coleman asked.

“Yeah, Peter was right.” Maycie replied in a shaky voice. Another tear fell down her face, followed by several more. “I can’t even begin to believe what just happened. I witnessed two people die in less than an hour.” She started to shake so she curled up in a ball and hugged her knees to her chest. Mason came over and sat next to her. Maycie looked up to see that Coleman had disappeared. “Where…?” She asked.

“He does that, don’t worry about it.” He said and let out an unconvincing chuckle.

Maycie looked around the destroyed room. Brad, Kelbie, and Megan were still unconscious. Maycie found that hard to believe after what just happened. Max lay on the floor, his head in an odd position. She looked to her right, past Mason, and saw her almost new friend, Jannie. A pool of blood lay under her head. Sobs shook Maycie’s body violently and Mason wrapped an arm around her shoulder and said, “Hey, hey… it’s going to be okay, Maycie. Everything’s going to be okay, just trust me. I’m always here if you need me.”
“Really?” She stuttered out between sobs.

“Of course! Where else would I be? Isn’t that what boyfriends are for?”

His response caught her off guard. “Um… did you just say… boyfriend?”

“Yeah. You said you wished I was your boyfriend.”

“I never said anything like that” But I was sure thinking it.

Mason let out a loud laugh. He noticed the confused look on Maycie’s face and said, “Maycie… did I ever tell you I can read minds?”

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