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The Man, Winter and the Angel

by Lauren Turner
copyright 04-16-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

He remembers the warmth of the angel's lips,
How his face flushed crimson at her solitary kiss....

Memories flood; The day they were ripped apart,
Winter stole the smile, the angel stole his heart.

Winter's hands gripped at the man's raspy throat,
He fed him lies, beat out every drop of his hope.

The angel's warm hands searched through the dark,
Never fully reaching the man, always too far apart

Winter would laugh as the angel begged on her knees,
"Will you let my love go? Dear God, will you? Please?!"

Winter brushed it off, ignored the angel's desperate call,
When asked who was there, he replied "It was no one at all".

The angel pounded still at the foot of Winter's door,
Always begging to see the man, her sweet love, once more.

A single dying emotion ran across his sunken face,
His body is mangled, and his figure is one of disgrace.

Scars on his body are like paint to a canvas;
and the angel had only watched the man in distress.

The man was chained down in the basement, and up from afar,
The angel stood in the light, from the door left ajar.

His eyes widened up as the light flooded in;
He thought he was dreaming as she stayed and she cradled him.

The angel kissed the man's lips, his cheek, then his scars;
The man changed, from a man of joy to madness so deep and so far.

She cringed as her hands brushed up a new gash,
The blood stained her pure hands, but the shock soon did pass.

She wiped off the grime on his cheeks and his head,
Soon to discover that her dearest love wasn't dead.

The angel unlocked the shackles that kept the man down;
The man held on to the angel who then kissed away his frown.

Since dreaded day winter came to take the man away,
The poor man had never been fully the same,
He still bears the grief, the scars and the shame,
But he smiles when he hears the angel come his way
The wounds will start healing more every day
And she'll always be there to keep Winter at bay.

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        07-02-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I must say, this poem was very, very interesting! The type of storytelling you used was very through. It captured my interest in the opening lines, held it until the end, and also kept me guessing about how the poem would end. Very good work on here, this was very interesting to read. keep it up!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

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