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Life Divine

by Raja Sharma
copyright 04-17-2009

Age Rating: 18 +
Life Divine

A step of yours, a step of mine,
Two souls one being make life divine.

Your coy smile kindled first pure hope,
This dark priest's only love in prime.
Shedding reason's fictitious cloak,
Plunging in your eyes wasn't a crime.

They saw your visage in my eyes,
Altering clime raised love sublime.
They heard you in my lover's sighs,
With your name's sound my eyes did shine.

I curse the time that made you turn,
Winds of change brought a change of mind.
Unseen rival caused hurt and burn,
Thought love betrayed but I was blind.

I prayed and begged but all in vain,
I couldn't sing lovers' song of mine.
Bade adieu, never came again,
But I am waiting for bell's chime.

A step of yours, a step of mine,
Two souls can still make life divine.

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        04-24-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

A love story sweet and tragic. Only the way you wrote it makes the whole thing a pleasure, and yet there can be no pleasure without pain. Desire is tragedy. I love the way you began and ended the poem in repetition. The poem was smooth and rhymed well. Beautiful!

        04-21-2009     Frank Fields        

The dance of love can oft be cruel, at least as cruel as it can be beautiful. Take the beauty while it lasts, hopefully forever, but if it needs to flee, small choice has the bell but to wait for hoped for chime.

Worth the many read and more.

Frank :)

        04-19-2009     June Nazarian        

Raja, this poem is beautiful, sad, and optimistic all at the same time. I always enjoy rhyming and musical rhythm, and your poem has both, done very nicely. Though the betrayal is portrayed as painful, perhaps a stepping of the pleasant sort will begin again. Very nice. June

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