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Not a Fish?

by Jenny Douglas
copyright 05-10-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

I thought I knew me,
but unexpectedly
I've turned out with a new face.
I was swimming down-stream so fast
and uncomfortably
it took so long to see I wasn't a fish.

I think blue would fancy
I try on new colors each day to flatter my
growing, glowing persona
alive with my secret
ready to steal away with you
to the unexpected.

I love to jumble things up
and see the pattern blooming
in the chaos that seemed unnerving
I pretentiously played the part
but now life seems like a symphony
as I see what I've collected
and the bits of me spinning
in my own dance.

Give me flowers, money, love...
it's all mine at command.
since I found me
I have everything.

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