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Hell Left

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 05-19-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

Fail in seldom done, run for faith, walk in soul, run a faster late, close eyes, weep for those who die, come to best, a reason, a request, I live to love, floating wings a dove, not a state, just heart on her fate

Pale of excuse
Please of seeds cast about
Bleeds real
In the autumn breeze
Stop here
Deep in anger shout
Credence to fame
Hells fury in name
Little dancer
In my hand plays her heart
Prances on blue
The perfect hew of faith
Cue mixed
In somber heels give
Freaks feel
Steal a hurt that lives and lives
Water drops
Like loony pops on shelter fates
Peal away
A deadly strangled race
Deal crying
Crawling falser than a mirror
Lady voted
Burden broken in silk and cashmere
Stroke of pen
Lost again famine request
Sent sleuth
Truth once again to lie is lent
As will
Bakes a pretence upon a birthing stone
Judge and jury
Leave the monster go
Hung her out to dry
Father of the kind
Aborted idea
Shelter cist of mind
Bore wisdom
In a fruit left rotting on a hill
Come once
Drink your soul, well at lest till you have your fill
To a wake
In tomb of gratitude perfection bore
Senate floor
Falls quiet now they bought and sold the whore
Cold in reversal
Dollars line the hand
Only face
Is regurgitate on the pulpit stand
In cannon shell innocence at bay
Sign of tragedy is paid
Slips past tired eye
A scar upon souls moving in the sky
Rest a fleeting heart cries
Reality wishes
A pardon for those who try
Stake driven
In a dead beast
Chains dropped
Has been twenty thousand years
Gold on a silver cross
Ah my friend has it been that many tears
Banks fail

The pit recalls all the freed
There is a hell after all

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        05-20-2009     Lauren Turner Mr. Jones, that was amazing. The rhythm...the message, the last line ALONE sends shivers down my spine.
You have away of melting so many pictures into one big world in my imagination. Its simply amazing.
Thank you for sharing.

        05-20-2009     Raja Sharma        

The title itself is suggestive of some serious connotations.
It took me four readings to really get to the bottom of the surface structure.Your imagery has the power to entangle one in a maze whence it is very difficult to come out.
Wonderful work
God bless you

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