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I am always, all Ways

by Raja Sharma
copyright 06-05-2009

Age Rating: 7 +
I am always, all Ways
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Then land was green: they sang aloud
No chaos seen: he saw no crowd.
Happy Adam and Eve in prime of time
He heard no keen: they felt no proud.

They called him all: he was the time
He saw them fall; he saw their line.
He witnessed the death of Abel through Cain
They called it call: he saw decline.

He saw it clear; he saw it plain
They all were near; they all felt shame.
Many false Aron now disguised as priest
He did not fear; he did not gain.

Age passed by him: he saw each beast
No mood no whim: no West no East.
He stands at a point of inconstancy
Some shine some dim: cruel he cares least!

Note:Green= new, keen=cry,moan, line=posterity, call=destiny,fate,

Rhyme scheme:aaba,bbcb,ccdc,dded
Meter:1st,2nd,and 4th line tetrameter
3rd line pentameter.

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        06-09-2009     Alan Reed        

Truly spiritual and tightly packaged. I love the use of keen in this piece. Looks a Little like you struggled in coming up with last line rhyme once or twice. Excellent piece to read. -Alan

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