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How to Say I Love You

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 07-10-2009

Age Rating: 10 +

We've forgotten the varying ways to say "I love you."
There's more than just words.
There's touches to the skin or your hands even when we fight.
Sighs and smiles and an "I'm sorry" that we really mean.
The ability to let go of a grudge or to be
so blinded by the warmth of our bodies together
that we forget all about why a towel on the floor
was such an angry thing.

We've forgotten the delicate art of body communication.
Like facing each other and looking at one another when we speak.
And how favors were once done to make each other happy,
like doing the dishes when it's not your turn,
or me making you coffee before you wake up,
or a shoulder rub and an attentive ear to your complaints,
has even more meaning than whispered affections.
We've lost the importance of holding hands because we can,
or being distracted from a movie
by the way the flashing light looks across your skin.
And we've completely forgotten that the reflection of fireworks
in each others eyes
is more breath taking than the actual bursts in the sky.

We've forgotten everything but the three normal words.
We've forgotten how to show it.
And we've forgotten how to feel it.
What it means to let go after a fight.
What it means to give in, because our pride and being right
are far less important than each other.
How it felt for us when it all started.
How awkwardly we would laugh and smile and melt with relief when
we interrupted each others spoken apologies
and were still interested in hearing about eachother's day.

Times when we would listen rapt and believe in our dreams.
Times when we were once a team.
When we supported each other when one of us was weak.
When we leaned on each other when both our legs tried to fail.
And when kissing was breathing, sharing air from our lungs
with enough love and life to live forever under the sea.
When the hardest times, and losses of jobs, and the toughest of challenges,
weren't met with shouts or angry screams.
They were met with steady grips of hands and deep breaths,
and a, "We'll get through this together."

We've forgotten all the synonyms for "I love you."
And in the process
we've forgotten what those words even mean.

A/N: Not my normal kind of work, with rhythm or with message. I hope you guys still enjoy :)

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        09-26-2009     Leah Gonzalez        

This poem is so beautiful. I love the message here, and how you describe it. I completely understand what's going on in the poem; I've been through parts of this before. And I think you've captured it effortlessly, as Alan said, and it's so amazing. I'm easily astounded by free verse poems, because I can't write them, but this one was by far one of my favorites.

Amazing poem.
and thanks for the comment on mine!

        08-01-2009     Samantha Powers        

It is a beautiful poem. and true in many cases. it was rough but in a way that just adds more to it when you read it. Many people do lose the way to say i love you but not all have forgotten for it must live on for existence to remain known. Haha i think i should just hand this to most of my guy friends and be like tadah...get a clue lol

        07-23-2009     Walter Jones        

You are a great writer, special in every way, voice so pure, thought echo, words capture.. Walt

        07-12-2009     Alan Reed        

What a great piece of work. Your mind thinks the purpose of the write and places it in words so effortlessly. The work is so sound and the following lines are so good they make me green with envy. I love these lines as well as your easy to comprehend message. A straightforward and beautiful write, Debra.

"Reflection of fireworks
in each others eyes........."

"And when kissing was breathing, sharing air from our lungs.........."

Really some far out thinking and imagery. I learned from this write, as well. Thank you. -Alan :-)

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