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Watch Lost

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 07-29-2009

Age Rating: 18 +

So it dances well
Spirit yet to fly
Cry in waste
Count the haste
All living things must die

…and there I saw
cannon under breath
least of find
her mind
feeding at the breast

oh day comes to mend
Heartbreak to bend
whispers in try
lies in bye
Will it ever end

I walked the path way home
Sad and so alone
As life did atone
For the weapon

Sky and camera well
Voices born of hell
Followed my gate
I stop but never weigh
Heart and soul
One as pure as snow
Other black as coal

Over a rant and rave
Strange as naive
Born to deceive
Yet receive the wonder

So burn the lasting yearn
Violent scene
Cover laugh
Final turn
Burn baby burn

A covered top in side a lasting flower
A crisp and feeling thing
A close and sighing scream
A whispered tear
A stop to fear
Just a possibility

I fall into eternity
... and do you follow

Stone is cold
Angel in rolling spline
Rock cast aside
Anger and pride
What waits on the other side

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        08-05-2009     Raja Sharma        

Stone is cold
Angel in rolling spline
Rock cast aside
Anger and pride
What waits on the other side

Yes, this is the mystery which perhaps every living being would like to unravel. Sir, you have really shaken the sleeping emotions which sometimes cunningly sleep away, hiding from the reality and clamour of this world.
But the most significant thing in these lines is the power of the poetic emotion which does not happen to be dominated by even the most horrible truths.The tone is so eloquent and free that one can only marvel at and praise your skills.
God bless you

        08-04-2009     Susan Brown        

I feel what remains awake and watching from the other side is never lost to us- "forgiveness" and emotional rest they harbor. This poem reminds me of the fact, we our all just human. I find freedom still burns and hauntingly rings in many of your poems. Sad and vividly deep the lingering sorrow residing in the shredded heart and soul pieces hanging on by a collection of thin threads from those mind altering places of night and days gone by. This tune never sleeps for very long. I can't rate this for its too fresh and real again..., today. Have you tried a haiku or a limerick? Feel the smile?

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