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by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 09-24-2009

Age Rating: 16 +

Hex, the circle text
Literary hold from old
Student twenty-six

Bind the hidden verse
Cast a spell, a magic draft
Feel the wheels reverse

Fly this midnight glide
Time for us holds no divide
Student twenty-six

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        09-30-2009     Cynthia Baello        

This is beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it, the rhyme was curt and exact, the meaning diverse and boundless, and the brevity refreshing.
I really like short poems with a lot of impact and wit, like a sweet desert that one craves for in second and third servings. I want to read it again for a fourth taste.

        09-28-2009     Susan Brown        

Okay #59,
The torture chamber is officially open for class. Lets see if the festival of fall can magically fly. Mae and I are out chasing letters that tend to bounce. We will look for you in the pages ahead. Thanks for the kind comments. My frazzled teacher stated, I was her last student as she cuts them off (slams the door shut) after her class fills to 25. She barricaded the door when student number 31 pushed herself through the small crack. My face beamed (the entire room did) as we are now elbow to elbow in fresh ideas. I will probably become her enlisted Secretary before its over.

        09-27-2009     Alan Reed        

Please no torture Student 26. Let the magic flow. You could teach the class. I admire the return to school.

Might do the same myself. Yes. I will. The oldest student, Number 59. Sound like an inmate. No holds barred. The torture contest is on. Fly the past midnight glide. -Alan

        09-27-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Susan,
I could not find Piotogram in my dictionary.
I found pictograph, and pictographic. I'm sure they mean about the same.

I like the words in the second stanza, Bend the hidden verse, plus the following two lines.
Take care, and I'm sorry I called you Sharon. My mind must have been wondering...Nice poem. Mae

        09-25-2009     Susan Brown        

My husband howled after I read him this one. He has a little insight into the real... from my latest deal. I'm student number #26 returning to class "English Literature" after thirty odd years. Yes, dusting off the old broomstick for the pure Autumn fun of it. I expect to be torturing my friends here at the site during the entire fall term. Young and old alike... be warned!

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